Tuesday, March 15, 2011

100 days until summer CHALLENGE

I read the blog Rants From Mommy Land every day and laugh, and steal their words for things (t-box anyone?) and in general, LOVE.THEIR.BLOG! Until they notified us that as of yesterday, there were 100 days until summer. That's one hundred days until shorts, tshirts, bathing suits, and less clothing in general become the norm.


Yeah, as much as I love summer and all of it's summery goodness, I do not exactly love my body. I mean, I used to be almost 400 pounds, so I'll take my current body any day of the week. I also would like to point out I am happy with myself. Bee thinks I'm sexy, and 76% of the time, I do too. If I never lost another pound, then I would be content. But, that's just it. I'm content. I still have, according to my doctors charts, 41 more pounds to lose. Bee seems to think I might look a little sickly at that size. I think we'll see how it goes. Ha!

ANYWAY, so I decided to join up with the lovely snitches over at Rants and take their challenge! It required me to join a website called sparkpeople.com, which is free, and awesome I might add, and there are 5 teams to "compete" on. You can be on one, two, or however many you want. Each week there are challenges and if you complete your challenge, you get points. Whoever has the most points at the end of 100 days wins. Not sure what, I mean, other than a smaller ass ;) I thought it was a GREAT motivational idea. The website has message boards for chatting and support, there are meal plans, recipes, and fitness and nutrition trackers so you can see where you are at and where you need to be!

Bee agreed to join with me. We are going to have a little friendly competition and see who does better ;) We are on the Nutrition team, which will challenge us to eat better, and more responsibly, and the Cardio team, which will motivate us to get our exercise in! I can tell you already, it's going to be rough. But, it's do-able. I figured, I would use my blog as a way to keep track, keep accountable, and maybe motivate others :) I will only dedicate maybe a post a week or two. I won't bore those who really don't care, I promise :)

So, without further ado:

Week 1: Starting Weight 214 lbs (shhh!)

Cardio: Walk/Run 7 miles in 7 days (can be all at once or one mile a day, 300 total jumping jacks (over the 7 days), Dancing 90 minutes total over the 7 days, Coach Nicole's 10 minute cardio kickboxing twice over the 7 days, and Coach Nicole's 10 minute Jump Start Video twice over the seven days (videos found on the website)

If I do all this over the week, I get 5 points

Nutrition Week 1: Track your food every day, Eat Five additional servings of Fruits or Veggies, Read one Nutrition article or blog post, Eat 20g of fiber, Drink 64 oz of water a day

If I do all this over the week, I get 5 points.
I can do it!!

So far, I am on track mostly with my nutrition goals. I have got my water in yesterday and today. I need my fiber and veggies/fruits! I have already read my article and I have been tracking my food so far! As far as my cardio goals, I haven't started yet :( However I am excited to! In my defense, I didn't get my verification code until last night around 10pm so I couldn't access my mail on the site and therefore didn't know what the goals were! However, I plan on walking tonight and doing some jumping jacks (where no one can see haha!). Depending on the time, and how I feel, I might get one of my videos in too!

Here's to losing my last 41 lbs and getting healthier! Oh, and kicking Bee's butt! ;)

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Sarah said...

So cool! I've heard a lot of good things about Sparkpeople from my friends. And how cool that Bee is doing this with you. Good luck! I'll look forward to reading your updates!