Friday, March 4, 2011

An open Letter

Dear Mr. President,
What the Hell, man?! YES WE CAN! "Yes we can" what? Go broke trying to just go to work to feed our families? I'm not trying to road trip to a kegger at Hilton Head, I just want to go to work. How can I be thankful for the job I have in this tough economy, when I am spending my paycheck on my gas tank? Here's an Idea. Why don't you stop spending millions of dollars in tax money on fuel and staff for Air Force One, and oh, I don't know, STAY HOME for like 2 days in a row. You have a giant house that has like 400 bedrooms, invite people to your pad once in awhile.
Why don't you fix THIS, instead of worrying out our space program. Why don't you help a brutha or sista out, instead of worrying about Lybia, Hatti, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia. How about, instead of beating that dead horse we call "Heath Care", why don't you FIX the GAS situation. I'm not going to give a rats ass about my medical bills, if I can't even afford to DRIVE to the doctor's office.  
What happened to "alternate fuel" sources? Here's an idea. Instead of telling ME to go buy a Prius, why don't you do something about making them affordable to "normal" Americans like myself. I do not have your budget. I can not afford a $35,000.00+ car that seats 2 and a half. I have a family of 5. We play sports. We like to leave our house as a family unit on occasion. 
I know you can prattle on about "What about George Bush. He didn't do much to help!" Listen, he is not in charge anymore. You can not use him as a scapegoat anymore. You are trying for a second term and I have YET to see you do anything...let alone anything that has impressed me. YOU are in charge, not big oil. FIX THIS!
A concerned, law abiding, tax paying, citizen. (AKA: YOUR BOSS)

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Sarah said...

I'll second that!