Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy 1st birthday to....

ME!!! It's my Bloggy birthday! I started ye olde Blog exactly one year ago today! I didn't know where I'd go with it, but here I am, one year later! I have to say that for the most part, I am happy with the blog. I'd like to refine my writing a bit, but overall, not too shabby! :)

For the most part, this blog is exactly what I wanted it to be. A diary of my thoughts and emotions, bad and good, a timeline, a scrapbook, and a history of events in my new life. I can see, just from going back how much I have grown and changed in the last year. How I have become more secure in some things, and how other still burn my biscuits or get me going. I went from being completely anonymous, to letting out some of my identity. Really, at this point, I don't care who finds this blog. I am finally secure enough in myself, that it doesn't really matter. This blog is me. It's my feelings. It's how I see things. As for those who might use any information from this blog to try and sabotage my relationship, we are past the point of that having any effect. At one time, I was afraid that someone, namely the Grandparents Of the Year, could use information from here to try to take custody from Bee. But, then I learned some family law and realized we'd have to have the kids in cages with no food and water for extended periods of time for them to even have a snowballs chance...and really, anyone can tell from the pictures here and the stories of our lives that these kids are well loved and well taken care of.

Moving on, I have enjoyed blogging. Even when I have nothing to say, I enjoy the outlet. I enjoy looking back, even now, on the previous posts. I can't wait when I celebrate my 5 year post, and look back then. Hopefully, there will be posts with pictures from my wedding and from the birth of my first child. Who knows! A lot can happen in a year!

Some of my favorites from the last year are:

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Sarah said...

Happy bloggy birthday! It's been such fun getting to know you this year! And isn't it great being able to look back to see all you did and how things have changed?
Here's to many more bloggy birthdays for you! :)