Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patricks Day 2011

I promise you, the picture above with me and Bee I was NOT high....or drunk. I was about to blink :)

St. Patty's day 2011 was a success. An anti-climatic success. HA!

BFF Rose, in the last 7 years I have known her, has ALWAYS wanted to see the parade. She had never been, and each year she'd try, and something would come up and c-block her from being able to go, so this year, she made sure she was going to be there. She came out Wednesday night and spent the night so she could ride with us in case she had too much to drink. I got up at 6:30am, got the kids up and out the door, then came home and us grown ups had breakfast. I made us a healthy breakfast, because I'm trying to stay on my "program" and all :)

We got downtown around noon, and even though I pee'd before we left, between Bee's unusual CRAZY driving, and all the traffic, I had to pee something fierce when we finally parked. It was packed down there because the weather was so nice. None of the stores or business along the way would let me use their restroom, and the bars/restaurants that were open, had HUGE snaking lines and a cover charge to get in. We finally arrived at Fat Fish Blue (restaurant/bar where we were going to spend our time) and there was only 2 people in line. Awesome! So, we jumped in line, and the 16 (drunk) kid in front of us approached the door man and found out about the $3 cover, he started hemming and hawing about if he wanted to go inside. Then, 6 of his (drunk) friends rushed in, pushed us out of the way, and they all started discussing weather or not they were going to go inside. At this point, I am almost in tears and mad as hell after fighting my way through the crowds of drunk people to get there. I walked up to him and said "LISTEN! If you can't figure out what the HELL you are going to do, MOVE ASIDE! WE know that WE want to go inside! Let US pay our money, so we can get inside!" He said, "Jeez! Ok!" and paid his money. The door man apologized to me, and I said I was sorry, but I had to PEE! He laughed and let me in while Bee paid and got my wrist band.

We had a beer, and chatted for a bit, then headed out to the parade. Bee and I would have been happy to eat and just stay there, but BFF Rose wanted to see the parade! So, off we went. I saw slutty girls, slutty girls in heels 4" high, I saw slutty girls in 4" high heels and skirts so poofy and short you could see their hind ends and green thongs. I saw said girls (who I doubt were even 21) falling, falling and puking, or puking and peeing in the ally. It was good times. I don't understand why people think it's ok to bring their kids. I wouldn't want my three to see that stuff. About halfway through the parade, BFF Rose looked at me and said "This is boring! Is this all it is? There are no ballons and floats a la Macy's Day! No people throwing beads or candy. It's lame and I am hungry" I told her St. Patt's parade is just the excuse they give for people to be there drunk and partying. We headed back to the bar and had lunch, 2 more beers, a shot, and went home.

Bee went to practice, BFF Rose and I went on a walk to enjoy the beautiful weather, and then we came home and hung out. After she left, I did a mile walking video, and dyed my hair. I was soooo exhausted by the time I was done, I barely was able to get into bed. Needless to day I didn't move all night. In fact, I even slept in today.

I WAS proud of myself yesterday for the following reasons:

-I ate a healthy breakfast
-I managed to get all of my water in for the day
-I hit my fiber goal
-My nutrition numbers all were in range and I even had calories LEFT OVER! (This is after splurging!)
-I got 3 miles in yesterday!
-My exercise was the most it's been on 3 days and my Calories were the least they've been!

I hope ya'lls day was just as good! 

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Sarah said...

Great job with your goals! I loved the and Bee are so cute! Your story made me laugh! :)