Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm getting baptized! Again!

So, Bee and I decided we want to join the church we have been going to since 2 weeks before Christmas. We attending the new member class on Sunday to learn all about the church, what they stand for, their history, and to ask any questions we may have.

I really wanted to go because I come from a very "formal" or maybe traditional is the better word, church background. Bee has attended just about every kind of church, but prefers the more contemporary. I have certain things I look for, such as, I want the pastor to have a College degree in religion. I want him (yes, HIM. Nothing against females, just not comfortable with them as my pastor PERSONALLY) to have gone to college to be a pastor. I want the church to be Bible Based. I'm sorry, but God left us the Bible as his word and testament, church should revolve around that and it's teachings. I also want communion. Preferably every week. Bread AND wine. What's the point of only doing part of the ceremony when God's intent was we should partake in it all?

This church has everything I listed above. However, they only do communion once a month. Which, they have all my other requirements, so I'm ok with that. Plus we really like it. They are accepting of us, the fact we live together and are not married (sure, they prefer we be married, but they extend us Grace.) They accept that Bee is divorced. They are loving and have welcomed us all. The kids love Don, who seems to be the matriarch of the church and he loves them. They also like the Sunday School program too. Plus, they have camp! Also, the church is all of 1/4 of a mile from my house. We can walk on nice sunny days!

Now, on to me personally. I was baptized as an infant in the Episcopal church. The very same church I attended until I was 9 and then, we stopped going all together until I was 18. Then I attended the very same church from my childhood until I was 28. My mother says that when I was four, I asked her all about Jesus. After she told me, I asked my mother to pray to Jesus with me so he would live in my heart. That is how I was saved. Cute right? Well, here's the problem. I don't remember it, I was 4. I surely believe in Jesus and that he died for me. I believe in what the bible says. I have prayed the prayer of salvation numerous times. I just never have felt that "Saved!" moment. I've never had the leap of faith to stand before anyone let alone my congregation, and say, "yes. My name is Monkee and I, being of sound mind, body, and faith, accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior." But, now, this is my time to do just that.

The Baptists baptize you only when you are old enough to decide for yourself, that you want to be saved. They also Baptize by submersion (ie: you get dunked). In order to join the church, I have to be baptized this way. At first, I was a little offended because I felt like maybe they were telling me they don't recognize my first baptism. Or that it didn't count for anything. Then Pastor Mike explained, that they do accept it, and it does count, but look at re-baptising as having it done the way Jesus was baptized and using it as a reaffirmation of my faith. He also said, it's not uncommon for anyone who has been away from the church for awhile to get baptized again as a way of purifying themselves. It totally makes sense!

So, I am getting baptized again. Little Man too, most likely. My mom seems to be a little leery. I explained the reasoning to her and she seemed ok, but I think she too felt a little put off, like my first one as a baby didn't count. But, I know she'll still be there, along with everyone else I love, to celebrate with me! I can do it whenever I want, but I prefer to wait for warmer weather. Bee said, "We'll be INSIDE, what does it matter?!" But look, our friends have a heated pool. I won't swim in it when it's 85 degrees out because I get too chilly once I get wet and I don't like to be cold. ha! Pastor says we can do it out at camp in the river, which would be really kind of cool but, I'm not sure which I want yet. Church or outside? Hmmm....

At any rate, I am super excited...nervous too...but mostly excited!

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Sarah said...

That's wonderful, Joy! It is so wonderful that Mike is supportive and your family too! What a special day it will be. :)