Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Results are in!

Little Man has double ear infections. And a cough, albeit a dry one. The doctor gave him an antibiotic and cough syrup (prescription strength). He seems to be back to normal already. That includes annoying his sisters, and talking non-stop to make up for the non-stop sleeping he did yesterday.

However, while we were sitting at the doctor's office, Bee informed me that other than when he was a baby, and the time he took a header, on his bike, down the 16 steps of the deck at the old house when he was 4, Little Man has NEVER been to the doctors.


Listen, I'm all for old fashioned child rearing. Not making them purell their hands every 15 seconds (let the kids get germy. They are kids! It's how they build an immune system!), and letting them play in the dirt, and whatnot, but they NEED to see the doctor at least ONCE a year! I mean, I should (him too) see one too, but I am an adult and my growing has stopped. They NEED that wellness check-up.
I told Bee I am finding a Pediatrician and the kids are going to start going. I am also going to find US a doctor, and WE'RE going to start going too. His dad died at 47. My Grandma died early too...any issues, I'd rather catch early and be around for him and for the babies! Also, it took me 30 years to find my true love. I don't want to lose him early either! Besides, with me getting healthier, I look at his lifestyle choices and I cringe a little bit. He gets upset about his weight and how it's steadily gone up the last year or two, and when I try to offer some suggestions (try this! It's called a "Fruit"! This is what we call a "Vegetable!". "Come walk with me!" "Well, yes, there is more but...") he shrugs them off and says "I work out enough between work and football. I just need to not eat for 3 days. Then I'll be good." (what?! lol) Maybe he'll do better if someone with "MD" after their name tells him what is what.

On the flip side of things, my new choices are at least rubbing off on some people in my house! C and Little Man have been asking to walk with me at night. (They haven't gone with me yet because I haven't walked outside in a week due to the sucky weather). They have started carrying water bottles with water in them everywhere they go and sucking down the water like it was pop, and J and C even got work out videos from the library last night and did a half an hour work out! They have been asking for fruit instead of begging for the donuts, candy, and chips (not that I let them have that stuff before a whole lot) So, it looks like our grocery bill is going to go up a bit with all the fresh produce, but at least I know 4 of us will be healthy! :)


Sarah said...

Poor guy! Ear infections are the worst. That's great that you are encouraging Bee to get everyone in to the doctor. Those checkups are invaluable.

Amander said...

Getting healthy is hard but it can be more fun to do it with others.

However, when people TELL me to get healthy...claws come out and I dig in my heals. Too stubborn for my own good.