Saturday, March 12, 2011

Winter Storm #57

Good grief, Charlie Brown! Last week was filled with mild temperatures, flooding, and sunshine. I think the coldest day we saw was 35 degrees. Then, Thursday afternoon it started snowing and didn't stop until Friday afternoon. When I got up Friday morning, the kids were off from school due to the weather. When I went to leave, I quickly realized I wasn't going anywhere fast.

The back door had so much wet, heavy snow in front of it, it wouldn't open. I tried to go out the front, and that wasn't much better. I had to shimmy my way out, only to not be able to see 15 feet in front of me, snow up to my knees, and my car was completely buried. I couldn't even get the garage door open to get a shovel or to the snow blower. So, back inside I went.

Bee came home and dug us out. What a good guy :) Today it's 45 degrees and everything is melting. The snow ontop of the netting over our pond got so heavy, it ripped the net, causing it to half collapse. I will have to wait until it melts before I can get a better look at the thing...

Hopefully this will be the last of it.... :/


Amander said...

Good thing Bee bailed you out! I only wish we had that much snow here. Boo.

Sarah said...

Wow...and just think, just a week until spring gets here, I am sure with flowers blooming, green grass and all that, right?! ;) Hope it melts soon!