Monday, March 21, 2011

What's on my mind

~ I used to live closer to Cleveland than I do now. When I did, I lived in Cuyahoga County [kuh-eye-a-hog-ah]. Starting last year, well scratch that, starting in July of 2009, there was a HUGE to-do about one of the commissioners and corruption charges. Then, everyone (the media, and other government officials trying to cover their own asses) jumped in and started pointing fingers at why this went on so long. Pretty soon, there was a witch hunt going on and pretty much anyone who had ever talked to, or knew of the commissioner and worked in government, or knew someone who did, was indicted. I knew a cop who got canned for a offense that normally would have been at worst, a 2 day suspension, but because of the spotlight, he was let go. I just found out this morning that a friend of mine's sister just got indicted and is looking at a $250K fine and up to 5 years in federal prison. She plead guilty. On the other hand, the judge who was on my Jury Duty Case in May last year got indicted today too. He plead Not Guilty, and he is looking at 20 years if convicted. Poor guy. They got a HORRIBLE booking photo of him too.

~Bee's 41st Birthday was on Sunday. We kept it low key. For two reasons, one that's how he likes it, and two, we're strapped for cash right now. But, I made him his favorite meal (fried cabbage and noodles with bacon) and he got home made cookies (peanut blossoms, and I ran out of eggs so I substituted a banana, and OMG, I'll never use eggs again for those cookies) and then I made a cake for dessert last night.

~ Well, after week one on my 100 Days Till Summer Challenge my results are:
1900+ calories burned
10.5 Miles walked
Every day (except for Monday, when I didn't know what I was doing) I hit my fiber goal, stayed in my calorie range, stayed in my fat range (except for yesterday...I went a little over due to the bacon)
64 oz + water drank a day
5 + servings of Veggies/Fruits a day

and my weigh in day was yesterday and all of the above resulted in 10.6 pounds lost!!!

I am so freaking excited! I had to laugh though because we are supposed to set goals and rewards for goals achieved. If I remembered to take my vitamins daily (which I did), I get one new song for my ipod. If I hit my fiber goal, (which I did) I get two songs for my ipod. If I stay in my calorie range I get a glass of wine on Saturday. If I lose 5 pounds, I get a pedicure, and 10 pounds - a new pair of jeans. Yeah, in one week, I owe myself all of that! Now, time to kick week two's butt!

~ I don't think I will ever have money again. Bee had his check garnished starting the day AFTER we signed our lease back in July. A credit card the lovely ex ran up and since his name is on it and he got all the debt in the divorce, it's his (and mine now too) problem. Anyway, it's been tight at our house. I'm used to tight, so it was no big change for me, but Bee was not. Neither were the kids. Anyway, we got into a rhythm and have survived. His garnishment should be over in 2 weeks. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Which, is good, because it has been a tighter than usual month with our quarterly bills due (water/trash) and our first TV bill was due, add on top of that, Bee had to get tags for his truck and the bike and renew his license. Even though there wasn't going to be enough money to go around, I just closed my eyes and chanted "Two more weeks...two more weeks..I can get creative and re-arrange for two more weeks". Then, the DMV refused to renew Bee's License..which expired that night at midnight, and oh by the way, he drives for a living. They said the State of North Carolina had a block on his renewal and that he had to get them to release it first. They are closed on the weekends. Of course. By the way, he hasn't lived there since 1989 and he didn't even have a license then. As it turns out, he had a ticket, for something, and he needed to show up in court. He didn't. So, they got him with failure to appear. He claims he called them two days later, went down and paid it and took care of it. 22 years later, they disagree. Do any of YOU have a receipt for a ticket you paid 22 years ago? Yeah, him neither, so it's he said/they said, and the State always wins. They need $371.00 Fed Ex'd in a money order (because they don't take credit cards over the phone, or personal checks) and it's out of state, so it will take another 48 hours to process. THEN, he has to pay the North Carolina DMV $50 to lift the block, and then go get his license renewed, which will be another $25. Did I also mention he HAS NO LICENSE until then? Oh yeah, and The gas/electric/cable bills are all due, like, right fact, they are overdue. Rent is due in a week too. Effing great.

~My Brother is being a real piece of work right now too. Disappearing for several days not contacting anyone, not returning calls, telling his friend who he is staying with (and his friends family) he'll be back in a few hours, and not returning for days. He is using drugs (we suspect), fighting and terrorizing his ex like crazy. Threatening her, threatening to harm himself. I just don't know what happened to him. I don't know why he is like that. I said a prayer for him for peace and strength yesterday at church, then nailed it to the Lenten cross. I'm trying my hardest to let God look out for him.

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Sarah said...

Good job on your goals...that must feel so good! And, I never heard of substituting banana for butter. Cool!