Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Updates and other such nonsense.

While I have posted over the last several days, I feel like it's been forever since I've discussed the general going-on's at the Monkee-Bee homestead.

Maybe you don't care....

Maybe I don't care that you don't care, and think maybe you should suck it, fancy,  but, with love :)

Things are putting along, but I can feel us gearing up for our very busy Spring/Summer. Honestly, I am ok with that. While winter has been relaxing, and deservedly so, it's been bor-ing as of late. I am actually getting antsy and last weekend I was feeling so stir-crazy, I told Bee I was going to have to go somewhere and soon! Luckily, our friends the Jones' came over, and Miss T and I took a trip up to the local antiques co-op to look around just to get out for a little bit.

Anyway, Bee is getting to the point where they will be moving from conditioning practices to pre-season practices, so that means 3 days a week he will be at practice. I am doing the 100 day challenge with the lovely ladies (and one gentleman) over at Rants From Mommyland , So I have been trying to get all my nutrition goals met as well as my fitness ones. The weather is turning nice and it's staying daylight longer, so the kids have been able to play a little bit outside. Thankfully, the snow is melting. I would suspect it will be all gone by tomorrow night, what with the 60 degrees and sunshine we are supposed to have. Next week is going to be mild as well, with any precipitation being on the rain variety!

As for tonight, BFF Rose is going to be coming out to join us for the evening. Us grown people are heading downtown for St. Patty's day! BFF Rose has NEVER gotten to go downtown for the celebration before, so we are pretty excited. Bee or I will drive, and that way I know she will be safe and not driving :) I fully expect to take lots of pictures, and probably post them here. Ha! I am slightly bummed because it IS supposed to be 60, Bee wanted to take the Bike, and I am itchin to get on it too, but I promised BFF Rose to let her ride with us and 3 people on a motorcycle ain't happening :) Another bonus this year, is that we don't have to rush home. J will be home with the kids, unlike last year we had to beat the school bus home. Good times :)

As far as family goes, we are all doing well. The kids have been grounded the last two days due to, what else, lack of ability to "remember" to do our chores. I think Bee and I both agree that we get off of punishment too, because now they can go outside! ha! My parents are doing good too. In fact, I just went to see them on Sunday for a bit. I missed them! I even gave Poppy a hair cut :) My brother is still being a pain in the ass, but what are ya gonna do?

That's about it! Until tomorrow!


Amander said...

Sounds like you guys are busy, busy again! (Have you ever not been??)

And I read your post on the 100 day challenge - that sounds like a pretty cool program to do!

Sarah said...

Looking forward to seeing those St. Patty's Day pics! :)