Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm feeling Snitchy today

Work has been kind of eh, as of late. I don't like drama, I don't like uncomfortableness. I don't like tense situations. Work has been all three lately. Back in August, I was moved over to be with the "other" assistants. I didn't really mind all that much, because other than having a bigger desk, I missed the fact that there was no interaction. I felt left out.
Now, there is one girl in the office that has never liked me. Not too sure why. She's kinda snitchy to everyone, so no one really likes her. Anyway, I 've become tight with the other girls and she hates me even more, and resents them, because she wants to be part of the group too. We've tried, but she's just a bitch. She's also a huge kiss ass. Some days, the sound of it makes my ears bleed. Well, it finally paid off for her. She was promoted (it wasn't called that. Evil Boss called it "we created a position for her.") and they started the interview process for a new person to replace snitchy girl.

No one wants her new job. Really. It's just how they went about it. I like to keep peace by nature, and I am not a mean person, nor do I like being one. So, I hear the venting from everyone (I'm included in that too), and then, at the same time, I feel kind of bad because there is a total separation in the office now. It's almost palatable. Snitchy girl, well....I kind of feel bad for her. NO ONE talks to her anymore, and she has been soo much less snitchy since her "promotion". No one will talk to her. No one will sit with her at lunch. They all talk about her (myself included..) behind her back. I feel bad...then she says something totally snitchy, and I want to punch her in her face.

I guess I just remember being new, and only Evil boss and my boss would talk to me (Evil boss wasn't evil then). So, I associated with them. I went to lunch with them. We chit chatted a lot. My desk was over by their offices, so we were a "crew". The other girls disliked me because they thought I was a kiss ass too...and I wasn't. Just, they were the only ones that talked to me.

Anyway, they new girl started today. She seems nice, but because she is new and under the thumb of evil boss and snitchy, she is still being seen as a threat. Ugh! Office Politics are lame.

In other news, my diet is going good. However, the last two days I haven't gotten enough calories in, or carbs, or fat, or protein. Which is a total foreign concept to me, but alas, it still can be an issue if it keeps going on. The funny thing is, I had a 45 minute war with myself yesterday afternoon about shoving the 6 rolos in my desk drawer down my pie hole. I NEED chocolate. I want it badly! But, it's not on I fought. I went back and forth back and forth. I tried drinking more water, going for a walk, running down and up the stars once, I ate my carrots begrudgingly still wanting rolos. I ended up winning out and ran out the door at 5pm with rolos still in tact in my drawer. Then, after I was stuffed to the point it almost hurt later that evening and I was 150 calories, 18 fat grams, 95 carbs, and 16 protein short for the day I thought, "Well, hell. I could have eaten the rolos and still been fine." Ha!

Today, I brought more fruit. I also wore my tightest pair of jeans (I have other jeans, that don't even fit) today and while they are snug, they are not a second skin anymore ;)


Amander said...

That sucks about work drama. Makes life miserable.

And awesome about your diet! I totally would have eaten the rolos :)

Sarah said...

Office much fun. ;) Fitting into your smallest jeans-Yay! That's such a good feeling!