Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bachalorette Party - Girls (and one guy) just wanna have fun :)

I know you aren't really supposed to take and or post pictures of a Bachalorette party, but mine was fun...and mostly innocent ha!

We went out on 12/15/2012 to celebrate. I grew up and lived on the opposite side of town than I live now and when I met Bee, I still lived on that side of town. BFF Rose and I used to frequent the same three bars all of the time, so as my Maid of Honor, she felt a bar crawl to those same three bars was in order ;) My friend D came out with me and my friend Nan and my brother and future sister in law came out too. We were a small band of rebels, but it was still an AWESOME time. And, my head didn't hurt too bad the next day ;) BFF Rose even put us up for the night and got her 20 (21 in 4 days after my party!) to be our DD for the night. All bases were covered! She even made me a sash! All the bars were just as I had remembered them with the exception of the first. New management had taken over about the time I met Bee and stopped going there. When we showed up that night, all dressed in our Penis Regalia, ready to booze it up and paaarrttaayy, we walked in to see that it had turned into a bar for the more...ahem...mature crowd. We found  70ish year olds listening to a live brass band... Meh...we still made it work for us ;)

Being the only boy in the party that night, my brother took some abuse...I love him more for that!

I can ALWAYS find a fellow Steelers Fan

I have no idea who's male hand with ring that is next to my brother (My brother has the USMC tattoo)

Nancy, Donna, Me, and BFF Rose

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