Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm comin' up shy..

I feel like I have just enough to say something, but not enough to write something. It's making me feel blocked. Ha!

C's basketball team played their make-up game yesterday from the missed game they had last week due to the snow day. They won 57-3. They are now 4-0 and play again today against Aurora who is 1-3. I really want to be there. It's their first home game. I hate that they are so early.   Sigh. Oh well. Next year, I suppose.

Another thing that has me feeling a little better about things. They shut down the stalker page. They also know who the guy is. For those who don't know, we had a stalker in our little town. He was stealing facebook, instagram, and tumblr pictures of young girls from Perry and posting them on his facebook. Over 800 pictures of girls from Kindergarten up through College. It was bone chillingly creepy. They were not of a sexual nature. He never made comments about them. They were just...pictures. He took them from their pages so, it wasn't like he personally snapped the picture. Since they were posted online by the owners, he wasn't doing anything illegal. That was the difficult thing. As a parent, and as a parent of a young girl, I was still outraged. The police have found him though. They talked to him and told him he was being a creep and to knock it off. He doesn't even live in my town. Nor has he ever. He lives in a town next door. When asked why he did it, he said that he wanted to showcase the young talent to the world. Let them see what kids are actually capable of doing. He wanted to "pat them on the back" for their good works. When asked why he only focused mainly on kids from Perry, and always girls...never boys...he had no answer. He is also single and in his 40's. **shudders** Facebook permanently deleted his account for a violation of terms. They also blocked his IP address. He can set up another fake account, but at least not from the comfort of his own home. Also, the police know who he is and what he looks like so they can keep an eye out.

Why do people have to suck?

That's about it for us. For today at least :)

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