Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to the grind

As it usually goes, our weekend went way too fast and I am left on Monday morning, blurry eyed and wishing for my bed. Especially since I woke up to 5 inches of snow, with it coming down in droves. Ah, lake effect snow, how I have NOT missed you. My only consolation is when I think about my boy waking up this morning and the smile I am sure that will spread across his face as he realizes that 1, there is no school today thanks to Martin Luther King day, and 2,  as an added bonus, there is snow.  I am sure I will come home to wet pants, socks, gloves and hats by the washer, and wet snow boots drying on the mat. My, how that boy loves him some snow. Almost as much as he loves riding his bike in the driveway without a shirt in the summer :)

    Part of the reason the weekend went so fast is that we were no stop with our activities. Friday night, I left work early to meet our TV guys. They finally brought our TV back from service. We had sent it early December to fix what appeared to be scratches on the inside of our screen. It turned out to be no more than a spider's web over the mirror that project the image onto the screen! Glad to hear that is all it was. After a brief nap with Sammy, my scarf kitteh, we then headed down to the Dome for Ram's practice. never stop, do you? :) My friend, Nancy came to help me and watch. It was a nice turn out and the guys got a lot of practice in. Which was nice. I hope we have a good team this year :)


Speaking of teams, after getting home after midnight and getting to bed around 12:30, it was a little difficult waking in time for Little Man's basketball game. But, we made it none the less :) Unfortunately, they did not win. But, he did score almost all of their points. That's my boy :) We cheered him on as if they will winning by 1000 just the same. C was still sleeping when we left, so we just let her stay home. She has been sleeping for long periods of time lately. I think she may be going through a growth spurt because otherwise she seems healthy and normal. 

Saturday evening, C went to the mall with her friend and was going to spend the night over there, so the boy, Bee, and I all loaded up and went to watch Bee play Arena football in PA! It was a beautiful night, and a nice drive :)

This was their first game of the season. There was a LOT of people there too! They started their season out with a bang, and ended up winning 56-10! I was so proud of my guy too! He was supposed to only be a "back-up", but ended up playing the whole game! 

#70 for Arena ball! 

Sunday, we slept in, I uploaded pictures from the weekends activities, and then we went out to dinner at Mongolian BBQ with several of our friends. It was a beautiful way to spend our afternoon! We made it home around 8pm and found 2 sleeping kiddos! They went up to bed and Bee and I relaxed until it was our bedtime!

It was a weekend full of family activities with a healthy mix of adult time. It was perfect, and I can't wait to experience many more with my "new" family :)

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