Thursday, January 10, 2013

Talkin' Turkey

Thanksgiving 2012 was kind of special. It was the first time ever that I got to spend it with my kids. :) The grandparents of doom asked for the kids that week. However, Little Man was supposed to have another  football tournament so they didn't go. The Tournament got canceled due to lack of interest and the kids ended up going over to the Grandparents house on Saturday. More on that later...

Anyway, it started out being dinner for 2, and ended up being dinner for 7!! T and Mr. Jones joined us later for dessert. It ended up being one of my most favoritest days that year :) Above all, the highlight of the day was in the morning...

Along with getting to eat Thanksgiving dinner with us for the first time in 4 years, my kids also got to do something they thought they would never get to do. Play an actual game of football with their dad! As it turned out, it ended up being against their dad. But that's ok. I think they liked that idea better :)

It was a hard fought game. In the end the white team (team with my kids on it) won. The weather was beautiful too! All 59 degrees of it! Even though it was warmer out than most Thanksgivings, Little Man would tell you the best part was the hot chocolate....and beating dad of course ;)

Later, Grandma Bee stopped over and we all stuffed ourselves full of Thanksgiving finery :) 

The next day, C had a Civil Air Patrol event to go to. She was going to be serving Thanksgiving dinner at the Salvation Army. Civil Air Patrol is a civilian program that teaches kids/adults all about flying. It also is a auxiliary of the Air Force and is often deployed locally for search and rescue when people are lost in the woods or their planes go down! C is hoping to use CAP to get her pilots license (It's free if you are in CAP) by the time she is 14 and then go to the Air Academy for College! 

Plus, it's right up her alley - She loves helping those less fortunate than herself :D

Saturday, they went to their grandparents house. Grandma took them to see Wreck it Ralph which made me upset because Bee and I were planning on doing that the next weekend. Also, she managed to get into a car accident with my kids in her car. From what I am told (by C), it was a very small one. But they were still rear-ended, and insurance information was exchanged, as well as Grandma S felt the need to post it on Facebook, yet no call was made to us. Nor, was it mentioned to us when the kids were dropped off. Now I see why their daughter turned out to be such an awesome parent (insert eye roll here).

Anyway, it was a very special holiday for us, and I really hope we can repeat it next year in the same way!

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