Sunday, January 20, 2013

This and that

Basketball Diaries 
C is once again doing basketball. This year, since she is in 7th grade, she had to try out and actually see if she made the team. SHE DID. Bee and I are so proud of her. She is playing on and made a team that other girls who have been playing since they were 6 did not. She is also a starter. :) That's my baby girl, doin her thing :) Her team has only played two games so far, but they one both of them. By HUGE margins! I got to go to the second one. That will probably be the only one I can make :( She is in 7th grade and they are lowest on the totem pole for getting a "good" schedule. By Good, I mean a time that is not 3:30pm on a Tuesday.

Little Man is also playing basketball. He however, is still playing Rec. He also has greatly improved from last year. He is probably one of, if not thee, best player they have. He has gotten a lot more aggressive while playing (this is a good thing), but is still not 100% confident. It will come with time. Unfortunately, there was not enough interest for a travel team for 4th grade, so he is only playing Rec. His team has yet to win a game :/ He doesn't mind too much, though.

Coffee Talk

3 years ago, Bee and I took the kids to Cedar Point. While there, I bought myself a large coffee mug as my souvenir. I like to think about all the fun we had on that little day trip while enjoying my morning joe. Thus far, it has been my absolute favorite. Well, after Christmas, it became my #2 favorite. This one, pictured above, is now my #1 :) It was a Christmas gift from my boy. It also serves as a reminder that after this year, he will no longer get to shop on his own at school for Christmas gifts for the family. 5th grade is "too old" for that :(

It also helps me remember every day that, no matter what, I am this boy's mom. Sure, he has a mother. A woman who gave birth to him but, she is not his mom. She does not wash his clothes, make his lunches, give him her last $5 to buy lunch at school with his friends or to get ice cream after a hard fought game of basketball. She does not answer his endless questions of the world, soothe his fears, take care of him when he is sick, be silly with him when he needs a laugh, or protect him against the evils of this world in the only ways she knows how. She certainly had that chance. In fact, she already had the job. She didn't even have to audition for it. However, she threw it away. She did it easily, too. Unfortunately, he had to suffer that loss, but I will do my best to make sure he knows that loss no more :) He is my boy. And that lanky, beautiful chick-a-dee above? She is my girl :)

It really does blow my mind how anyone could look at these two beautiful, wonderful, smart, funny kids and choose to leave them. Or, like their grandparents, treat them the way they do. Like openly admitting to the children that they favor C over little man (I REALLY hope HE was at least NOT present for this conversation. It's bad enough C had to hear it) because in their warped sense of reality, they think little man gets favored more at home. Which, is very much not the case. It has been my mission since day ONE, to make sure that they are treated and loved equally by Bee and I. Why? Because mainly, when I came into the picture I could see how much C gets favored and treated better than little man by them and their daughter. I wanted him and her to both know that at HOME, with their dad and I, no one was liked or loved more. They EACH were a blessing in their own ways, to us and to this world. C may be better at some things than Little Man, and Little Man may be better at other things than C. It doesn't make one better than the other, just different. 

That family may never wise up in time to know that, and even if they do, it just may be too late. Lives and little kids, wait for only so long...

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