Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It really truly boggles my mind and makes my heart sad when my 10 and 12 year old cry over things their mother and grandparents say and do to them. The lastest? Bee, Little Man, and I went to C's game last Thursday. Little Man didn't want to say hi (maybe because they openly admited they liked C more because they feel Little Man get's "more" at home). As "pay back" they let C "have it" via email (even though she DID say hi to them and Grandma even gave her $1 for the vending machine) and said they weren't coming to any more games of any sort unless personally invited. They didn't show up to  Little Man's game on Saturday, but have been to all of C's this week. Then, they get a letter from their mom "scolding" them for being rude.Little Man's response? He was PISSED and said he "didn't even know if he wanted them at his game now" and then he cried because his feelings were hurt.

Then that bitch of a grandmother  has the audacity to post things on her facebook about how her grandkids are her "world" I want to tell her AND her daughter to eat a big fat DICK...and Choke on it...the lot of them don't deserve to even be in the same STATE as my kids...let alone talk to them. They have created this and they wonder why they are greeted with indifference. Little Man is 10. He is smart as the day is long. He has been getting the short end since birth. I think he has them figured out. It makes me so sad.

Bee and I are getting back $1400 from Uncle Sam. My lawyer is on stand by. Best damn divorce/family lawyer the state of Ohio has to offer. She is one evil bitch too. I've seen her walk out with the house, the kids, and the kitchen sink where there was otherwise no case to be had. She is also a close friend of my boss. She owes him a favor. I am that favor.

Don't Eff with my kids.

Saddle up bitches. It's time for war.

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