Friday, January 18, 2013

You know you are an adult When...

Your idea of an exciting way to spend your money is....

To buy a new Refrigerator!!! Oooohhh! Aahhh!!

Yup, my 23 year old self has officially facepalmed. 

Haha :) Really though, we needed a new one. Bee had this old, old, OLD side by side when we met. I had no fridge of my own to speak of. Well, I had one, but it wasn't mine. It belonged to my apartment complex. I am sure they wouldn't have wanted me to take it :) Anyway, the one we had was ugly, it froze my veggies and anything else you dare to put in there, and there was never any room for anything! Two years ago on Valentines day, Bee got his Big TV. We paid it off this month and Bee said I could go "next" and get our new fridge.

I love this appliance. It's so pretty. And Big. And I can actually open it and look around and see everything!

So, that is what is new and exciting in our house. 

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