Friday, January 25, 2013

We made it!

It's Friday! woot woot!

Yesterday, I took full advantage of my snow day. I cleaned. Did laundry. Washed my sheets, pillows, and blankets (Can I get an "Amen" for clean sheets day?!) Hit the store and bought things like cat food and litter so that my asshole cats won't be dicks. :D I even set up dinner so it would be ready at a normal time :) Then,
Bee and I grabbed little man early from school (20 minutes early) and we surprised C at her basketball game!

See? Surprised. A little angry looking, too. However, I assure you, she was not :) My baby girl played awesome! I really enjoy going to her games. It's a special treat when I get to go because they are usually at 4 pm on a work day. The nice thing is, next year she will have the 5:30 games. I can make those! Woo! Perry girls ended up winning 32-19 making them now 3-0 for a perfect season so far! I was glad too. The opposing team's fan were obnoxious. :)

I also love the braid she has been wearing while playing this season. Cute :) I hope her basketball pictures turn out better than her football ones. They are today after school and she slept in about 30 little braids making her hair look like it was 1987 and she went a little crazy with a crimper iron. Oh well. :) We all have our fashion moments :P 

As long as she doesn't look like this again...

We're good ;) *shudders* (ok, my kid is beautiful! However, her hair was pulled back so you couldn't see her ponytail making her look like a dude..and those uniforms were the old raggy ones because someone stole their new ones. Her jersey isn't tucked in. It's just that short...and her pants are 3 sizes too big and yellow with dirt and sweat that isn't hers.) 

Later, we came home to homemade crock-pot mac and cheese (Little Man's favorite) and garlic bread ham and cheese sandwiches. Oh, and homemade caramels squares for desert. Good times :) Still not "healthy", but at least we are eating a home cooked meal that isn't from a drive-thru. We got back into that habit last year. I want to break it! 

Tonight, I decided I hated myself. Haha! No, not really, but I allowed little man to invite 4 friends over and I would take them plus C to Scores as a birthday treat (not "party"..more like a small outing). They have Unlimited Cosmic Bowling and Laser Tag for 3 hours on Friday nights for like $13 per kid. Problem is, everyone comes, so it's a little like hanging out in a club that blasts nothing but Justin Bieber and Selina Gomez while people set off m-80's...and all the patrons are high on sugar, and crack while inhaling LSD like candy. 

Then they get the munchies.

Meh, It'll be a great time for the kids. I just gotta figure out how I am going to transport all of them there. Bee has a meeting tonight. Maybe I'll call my friend Christina and see if she can help drive...and save my sanity ;)

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