Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas 2012 - My last Christmas as a single lady!!

Christmas was great.

My parents were in town. Mom was WAAAAYY more behaved than last year. Bee wasn't so tense because since J is gone, we have a spare bedroom....with a tv...and they could go up to their room and watch their shows and we could relax and not always feel like we were "entertaining". I don't know if they just had other things, or if Grandma Bee was trying to give us "time" with my family, but none of Bee's family came to Christmas. However, mine sure did ha!

My sister pretty much spent all of her time leading up to Christmas at my house. THAT was a little stressful, but still nowhere near as bad as it was last year. The kids were way spoiled. Bee was way spoiled. I think it was a success. Later, my brother and nieces came over and we spent our time just being. Enjoying everyone. I know next year my parents won't be here, but I hope we can still find a way to give the kids the awesome gift of family time.

His much coveted Steeler's Jersey!!

Old Man Winter..

New Bike! New Bike!

Sammy is excited...

C got me a thermal cushion for when we sit in the bleachers for their games. Sammy decided it's now his

Jessica kissing Bella. That's my nephew in her belly :)

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