Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow day Part 2

So yesterday it took me two hours to get to work.


Annnnd, I almost died at least 6 times. The way I normally go to work, I avoided due to all the hills and curves. Good thing too. There was a 9 vehicle pile-up. 4 semi's and 6 cars. A few seriously injured, but no one died (thank the Lord). I have lived in Ohio my whole life. I have driven in all sorts of messes. However, yesterday really freaked me out. I'm not saying it was the worst I ever drove in. I'm not saying I'll never venture out again when there is snow. I'm just saying, It scared me to the point that the thought of facing that again today, I decided to pass. I call in today.

The weather people said it was to start snowing in my county at around 4am and not stop until roughly noonish. I decided my house was an awesome place to stay and wait it out. Only problem? By the time little man left for school, and I had already called my boss,  it was beautiful out. The sun is bright. The sky is that bright "summer" blue. The clouds are few and puffy like big cotton balls. By all accounts, it's a perfect day. I feel like a horse's behind. I easily could have just gone into work. But, by the time I realised how nice it was, I was already elbow's deep in chores.

Cleaning, washings sheets, sweeping. I had a "to do" list a mile long. I never like a day stuck in the house to go to waste :)

Oh well. What the hell? I have 17 vacation days left. Why not? :)

As an added bonus, I can go watch my favorite 7th grade basketball player play in her game this afternoon! :D

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