Monday, January 28, 2013

Just a few bullet points..

  • Kitteh SAIL : THIS is freaking hilarious. I've watched it, no kidding, like 700 times and laughed hysterically each and every time. Perhaps I think it's so funny because it reminds me of BFF Rose's cat? I dunno. But I heart it right in it's face.

  • I got my rings back on Saturday. They needed to be sized and we didn't have time before the wedding. I am so happy to have them back. I felt bare without them. Bee wears his ring everyday. I felt like a bad wife without mine. LOL. Now, I just need to get my wedding pictures back from my photographer. I hope they come back soon!

  • Little man's birthday outing on Friday turned out great. He had lots of fun with his buddies and I spent more money that I planned, but oh well. All the kids had fun, so it's a win. Getting all four boys out of the house the next day with overnight stuff and basketball gear was a little like herding turtles, but we managed. Good thing he had so much fun this weekend that was already planned with other people and their schedules involved because otherwise, he would have been a sad little boy when Bee and I canceled everything. His teacher called Friday afternoon. Seems like he is lying and not turning in homework again. Sigh. Awesome

  • Saturday, the kids went sledding, my sister and her boyfriend came to chill with the kids, and Bee and I went to PA, which feels like our new home, and he did his arena ball thing. :) The other team was late. It should have been called a forfeit but it wasn't, and everyone seemed to be in a big hoopla. My feelings? We won 28-12. It's over and done and we have a the "W". Who do we have next week? :)

  • When did she get so grown up?:) She has her own thoughts and feelings. Her own issues she feels strongly about. She is getting taller. She has a shape. Boys look at her. Sigh...

  • Speaking of making up their own minds, the kids both decided yesterday that they just didn't feel like talking to their mom. They asked us if it was alright that they didn't answer the phone when she called. Hmm..

That's what I got today :) 

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