Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And the First night alone went like this...

It was sooo busy and we were rarely alone! haha! Bee's team mate who is also a good friend of ours, is kinda down on his luck. When he was in high school, he played football for one of the best high schools around town. He was a starter and was really good. So good, that he drew the attention of some big name Colleges. He was even offered a full ride to one of them. He accepted and had big plans for the following fall. That's when his life changed. His girlfriend had gotten pregnant.

They all sat down and talked and discussed the best course of action was for her to give it up for adoption. Well, long story short, she decided to hold the baby and after that couldn't give it back. Our friend did what every responsible man should do, and gave up all of his hopes and dreams to be here, with her, and the baby. He got a job and hoped that someday, he could make it to college.

Fast forward two years later. She cheated on him, they broke up, she went to community college, and as of a month ago, showed up on his mom's doorstep where he lived and said, "Here. YOU take him. I'm done with this whole "Mommy" thing", and walked away. A month later after him, the baby, and his mom moved, and after getting them all moved in, His mom says, "yeah, I can't take you AND the baby living here. You'll have to leave." So, unbeknownst to us, him and his 2 year old have been living in Hotels. He was telling us this on Saturday at the football game. Apparently, he got an apartment, but can't move in until July 1st.

That's when the light bulb went off! I have a perfectly nice, fully furnished apartment, sitting unused! I pay for it and it's utilities every month, without fail and on time to keep up my credit because I am under a lease. So, I offered up to him my apartment for as long as he needs it. I am charging him $250.00 to stay there until July. It helps him out because him and Mason have a real place to stay that has a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom, along with laundry facilities, and for waaaaay cheaper than a Motel (safer, cleaner and quieter too), and I am getting help with the rent. At least for one month anyway ;)

So, last night after work, I went to my apartment and straightened up, made the bed, and grabbed enough stuff to where I wouldn't have to be there for a month. Checked my mail, and got my jury duty check! yay! Drove back out to Bee's, and we were planning on jumping on the bike and going to dinner at Quaker State and Lube before meeting up with Keith. However, Bee tried starting the bike and it wouldn't start. The battery was dead :( He jumped it and it started, but wouldn't hold a charge. He needs a new battery :( We were sooo bummed.

We hopped in his truck and drove to the skating rink to drop of game film to a former team mate who now plays for someone else. You see, I do such a good job at filming that even the other teams want copies of my DVD's! Then we went to dinner at the Lube. While we were there, another player showed up to pick up game film (he does our stats for reporting to the league) He ended up staying the whole time we were eating. I didn't mind him being there, but he was sick! He would at least turn away from the table and cover his mouth when he coughed...but still! Then, after we ate, we headed out to my apartment to meet with Keith to give him the keys and get him situated.

By the time we made it home, it was 10:30. We did a few things we needed to get done before today (burned some more game DVD's, and Bee took a few phone calls) and we finally made it to bed around midnight! It was a long and busy evening, but we still managed to make it fun. We even discussed moving and started formulating a plan as to what we are going to do. :)

Tonight is practice and Caitlyn is riding with her boyfriend. I feel really bad because Bee has been itching to ride his motorcycle. It's supposed to be beautiful today, and he doesn't have to give anyone a ride. It would be a PERFECT day to take the bike, but alas it has a dead battery. Oh well, maybe next time!

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Sarah said...

Wow...I feel so bad for Bee's friend. It sounds like a perfect solution for him to live in your apartment. Thank God that he is a stand up guy with his baby!