Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today is my Friday!!!!

So, Suck it, Thursday!

So, I get a phone call yesterday at like noon. It's Bee. He's upset. The gas is off at home. Hmm. I wondered why my shower never really got HOT. I sighed. He sighed. I said "I thought you paid them up in full?" to which he replied "I thought I did too". Well, He did...but it was a day before they billed for April in May, and then the end of May he apparently got one for April AND May...and he didn't pay it. Here's the thing with Bee. He has the money. That's not the issue. In fact, he paid it all up in full yesterday (even though he still had to take today off to be there when they come to turn it back on) He just forgets. He doesn't open the mail. Hell, he barely remembers to get it out of the box but once a week. That will change when we move in together. I will get the mail everyday and he will give me a set amount on the 1st and 15th of the month and I will pay the bills. He will have access to all of our accounts. He will be shown conformation numbers. Hell, he can watch me pay them online. But I will handle it. My credit is involved and I don't play like that.

Bee met me with the kids yesterday afternoon at the apartment complex we were going to check out. Let me tell you, A big, fat, resounding NO! I am so glad that we both agree on that fact lol! I wasn't excited about it from the start. Like, as in, before I even left my chair at work. Master bedrooms are supposed to be the bedrooms that have the bathroom attached, most square footage, and the largest closet. According to the floor plan, the SMALLEST bedroom has the bathroom and a small closet. However, I was going for Bee.

While driving there, I was already hating it. It's located at one of the busiest intersections, and it was rush hour, which is while I'll be traveling to and from home the most. I couldn't turn left down the street it was on because there is a big fat "No turn on left" sign. I have to go all the way around the block. There was so.much.traffic! I finally pull into the HUGE complex and it just looked....Kinda shabby? ghetto? I don't know. It just made me go "eh". So, I pulled around to the leasing center which is attached to the rec center/fitness room/pool area. That was really nice looking.

Bee and the kiddos got there and we walked in the the leasing office where no one was. FINALLY, someone came in and apologized to us and told us it would be about 10-15 minutes because they were out on tours with other people. Fine. We have no issue waiting. In the mean time, I am looking around and I see kids everywhere. Unaccompanied by adults. Running amok. Babies with teenage girls, screaming. It looked very section 8. One of the agents came back briefly and a woman showed up looking for her mail. She said she used to live there, but has since moved. They keep telling her she has mail there and they WON'T forward it anywhere and won't give it to her room mate, even though she is giving her permission, and she now lives like an hour away and the guy told her, albeit nicely, that it's not his problem. Come back between 8-5 and go to the resident services. She left pissed off. Bee looked at me and whispered "I get a bad vibe about this place".

Finally, our leasing guy comes in. Bee and I had discussed earlier when we saw him that we hoped we didn't get him. He seamed frustrated, easily angered, and like he was not very knowledgeable. Well, sure enough, that's who we got. He took us to go look at the three bedrooms and wow....First, the hallways and the elevators (moving coffins these were. About as big as one too...) were NOT air conditioned. I thought Bee was going to spontaneously combust. Then, Chuck lead us down this dark, dank, hallway. I didn't know if he was going to show us an apartment, or murder us and cut up our bodies. We finally reach the apartment and it's tiny. The "Master Bedroom" was itty bity and the bathroom? O.M.G! It was motel style. Not only the style, but I think they got it from a motel. Mirror, sink, and counter were outside the actual bathroom. IN the bathroom was a toilet and a shower. Honestly, I don't think Bee or I would have fit on the toilet in that bathroom with the door shut it was THAT small. Our closet? Yeah. Size of a broom Closet. I was UNIMPRESSED. Then, we went traipsing to another building. This one had the master bedroom as the largest. It did have a walk in closet which was ugly looking and a more regular size bathroom. The Kitchen looked like it was from the 70's. However, they wanted $1300 a month for that one. Garage parking was an Extra $45 a month. The first apartment was $1100. Neither one had Washer and Dryer hook-ups either and we are not paying to do laundry when we have top of the line machines of our own. Every time Chuck would turn his back, Bee would get big eyes and do the "uh-uh!" symbol with his hand across his throat! We told Chuck Thanks, and then laughed nervously all the way outta there! He told me at dinner "I think Cobblestone is where we're gonna end up. However, let's still keep our eyes open".

After Dinner, we went home and relaxed. Bee spent the night on the phone "yelling" at one of his coaches, and I spent the evening on the phone with my sister trying to figure out what we are going to do with our mom. My mom had abdominal surgery several years ago. Her surgeon messed up and caused her to get a massive infection that he refused to treat for several months because he denied there was one. Finally, she went to another doctor who slapped her butt into a hospital bed, where she stayed, for three weeks, almost dying. Then she came home and was forced to be home-bound on IV's for the next year to fight this infection. Because they had to re-open the wound and bereave it so many times, it caused her a lot of pain. So, they kept feeding her Vicodin and Percocet.

Flash Forward to present day. She is infection free and made a full recovery ($25,000 in not covered medical bills later). However, she now has a lovely little addiction to pain meds. It's not so much the kind of addiction where she is selling her ass or belongings to get it, but if one of us has any pain pills for any reason and she finds out, you are her best friend and her constant phone buddy until she has begged them all off of you for her different maladies. When I had my tooth pulled, she called me immediately to see how I was. I know that 98% of that phone call was because she is my mommy and loves me and was worried but, the other 2% was to see what the gave me. In my Percocet induced stupor, I told her they gave me 60 pills of the higher wattage stuff. Well, about a day later, when I was off the pain meds and back to work, she was calling me every couple hours telling me how her back was hurting...then her foot...then her tooth...then my dad had his stroke scare and I had to come out there and then her foot was killing her sooooo bad. I knew what she was doing, but it's my mommy. The woman who gave birth to me. Gives me money and food when I need it. Sat up with me when I was scared or can I say no? I know I should have. I've seen Intervention a hundred times. In fact, I love that show. Yet, I gave her the rest of my pills when her tooth broke.

My sister said last night that she went and had her Xanax refilled on Wednesday of last week and her refill was for 60 pills. As of today, she has 10 left. She takes two a day. The rest my mom has taken when my sister is at work. Apparently my dad was going to talk to her last night and tell her she needs to go get help. I don't know how that went. On top of everything, she has to go for a cardiac cath procedure on Tuesday. Ugh...Stress, Stress, Stress.

Positives from the yesterday? Looks like Cobblestone is going to be our number one choice. The gentleman called me back on a house near the kids' school that I had a call into about. Would be nice for us, but he is looking to rent to own and has to renew his loan in November so, he would only really be able to rent until November. Also, I went to bed a little late, but Bee waited up with the kids since he was going to be off today. That meant, I went to bed, in a quiet, dark, tv-less bedroom. When Bee came to bed, he didn't turn it on either and we both slept like normal people. It was the best sleep I've had in a long time!

Tomorrow it's off to get pedi's with my sister. Taking mom too. She is depressed as well and doesn't need to be left alone. Then it's bestie and Bee time! yay!

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Sarah said...

I'll pray for your mom and that Cobblestone is the right place for you!