Friday, June 4, 2010

A sad and tragic loss...

We just found out today that one of my brothers friends, Ray, passed away at the young age of 23 last night. He was in North Carolina with some friends for vacation when he had a massive seizure and went into cardiac arrest. They were not able to get him to a hospital fast enough.

I spoke with my brother this morning and he believes it was probably due to the fact that Ray had Diabetes and was most likely drinking all day with his buddies on the beach, having fun in the hot sun and not paying attention to the fact he needed to eat, check his blood sugars, and the fact he was consuming alcohol. Either way, it's a sad, sad, sad day where I grew up.

We live(d) (I don't currently, and neither does my brother, still live there. However, we aren't far, and our parents still live there) in a small town where everyone knows everyone. I personally did not go to school with Ray because I am 7 years older than he is, but I went to school with, and was close with, his older brother. Everyone in my town knows his family. They are known for being loving, good hearted people who are very close with one another. I feel soo bad for Mrs. C. and Ray's dad and brothers.

It's kind of strange though. I graduated with 124 other students. In the now 11 years since my graduation, only one has passed away. He died of cancer, but had been sick with it most of his life. Still is a sad thing, but not really a shocker. My brother on the other hand, just in his close circle of friends from high school (about 8 guys), 3 have passed, and they have been at intervals of one every three years. First was Chris, of a suicide, while they were in their senior year, then Danny three years later in Iraq, and now Ray.

My heart hurts for Ray's family and loved ones. For my brother, to know so much loss in his short 23 years, and the people of my small town who have lost another one of our sons. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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Amander said...

Oh my goodness - my condolences to you, your family, and friends.

It's always so tragic when a young person dies.