Thursday, June 17, 2010

Are those wedding bells??

Nah, he didn't propose....yet. Well, correctly anyway :) But, we were at dinner last night with some friends and the topic of weddings and marriage came up and he looked at me across the table and mouthed "Let's get and me...I love you!" I said, Ok! Let's do it! He said "Now? I want to do it now! Is there anyplace we could do it now?" I said, we'd have to wait at least until the morning. Then we all chuckled and he beamed at me and the rest of the table "I'm not married anymore. It's official! My case is CLOSED! See, baby, I fulfilled your requirements!" That's when I told him, he knew my answer, but he had to ask properly, with a ring. He made me one out of tin foil from the table and told me that I will only get one ring...he's not doing that whole thing again.

I had to remind him, I have never been married, engaged, or even asked before in a serious way. I am a girl and as one, most of us dream about and plan our wedding day from infancy. While I understand his whole "Been there. Done that." attitude, I have no experienced those things, and part of being with me is going to require him doing certain things over and letting me enjoy them. I don't ask for much. I concede to him on most things. He can, and will do this for me, if he really wants to be with me. It's not like I am asking him to change who he is, I am just asking him to buy me a real ring, doesn't have to be fancy, to show to me and the world that he is serious and that I'm worth it. That's all. Like my friend Tina said, " There is no such thing as a "used" Diamond. Go to a pawn shop. You can get a beautiful one and it won't cost you a whole lot".

The topic changed shortly after that, and soon after we were on our way home. In the car he said, " how serious are you?" I said, "About what? us?" and he said, "yeah". To which I replied "Um. Very. Like 100% Sure of us." He said, " Really? are you sure? Are you sure, sure?" and I said, "Yes. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't. Are YOU sure?" and he said "Yes. Yes I am. Very." and patted my leg and held my hand the rest of the way home not saying another word except for one "I love you", after a period of about 10 minutes in silence.

Then today, in an unusually bold move on his part, he told me to call and make an appointment with the people for the Townhouses I like that he had previously said he "rather just rent a house". I know, I know. We HAVE to move, so one would say he's just preparing to move. But here's the thing. Bee doesn't plan. I do. Bee doesn't think about anything other than football mostly unless I make him focus on it for a few minutes. ON HIS OWN he was thinking about this. So, I don't know. I think something may be afoot......then again, I could be reading into things too much,,,


Amander said...

That's very exciting! It sounds like he's quite smitten with you :)

Sarah said...

Awww...that was so sweet! It sounds like good things are coming your way!