Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First day of Summer!!

Well, like most people in the adult world, I had to work yesterday. It's kind of a downer. Ha! Bee and I found someone to watch the kiddo's on Mondays and Fridays! It's our friend Stephen and Jen's oldest boy, Tyler. He is 15 and very responsible. He also has 4 younger siblings :) Anyway, Jen told me to drop the kids off on my way to work and she would make sure that Tyler entertained them for me for the day.

When I went to pick them up, I had two very exhausted, very dirty kiddos! I like that! They apparently went to the park and had a BLAST with Tyler and the kids. God bless Stephen and Jen too. They had 7 kids under their roof for the day! I would have taken them to the park too! Like me, Jen LOVES to take pictures. Especially of cute kiddos doing cute kiddo things. The only difference between the two of us, is she has a much much much much better camera ;) I hope to own one just like it very shortly. However, until then, here are the pictures from yesterday. I was going to not bore any of you reading this with tons of pics, but then I couldn't decide which ones to post and which ones to not post. Then, I remembered this is MY blog. haha! The funny thing is, these aren't even half the pictures she took yesterday. These are just mainly my kids :D Thanks Jen! You take beautiful pictures!

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Sarah said...

Cute pics! That looks like a fabulous park...by a beach even?! The kids looked like they had an awesome time. :)