Monday, June 14, 2010

It's all about the "W"'s baby!

Invaders took on the Panthers Saturday night and we KILLED them 22-0. Not only did we further their losing streak, but we were the first team to completely shut them down! This is HUGE for my guys because the owner and head coach was our head coach last year. He kinda screwed Bee and Stephen over and left them in a hard spot. He also took some players with him. I wouldn't say that were our best players, or even our "good" players, but they were players that held key roles on our team.

Lebo, one of our big D-linemen told Bee, Stephen, the coaches and the whole team how this was personal and he was going to send a message on the first play of the game. He was going to jump off sides and plow into their O-line. Now, this says a few things. One, Lebo doesn't mess around. He is the size of a mack truck, but doesn't have hardly and fat on him. He's fast. He used to play in the NFL and he doesn't mess around. As anyone who has ever been hit by Lebo, even not a full strength, will tell you, they certainly do not want to be hit by him again. He does not like this team's owner and he feels betrayed by the guys who play for them. This is also Lebo's way of making a statement. We are NOT to be taken lightly. We are also so confident we can beat you, that we are going to start the game with a negative five yards. Well, when the time came, the WHOLE line jumped with him! It was awesome! It certainly proved a point.

I was in the booth filming next to their film crew who was having issues with their camera. They ended up not getting the whole first quarter and the end of the 2nd (they had it working for a bit, but then it stopped again). I knew that their owner lives in town and has weekly contact with Bee, so I told them not to worry, that I would make sure their team got a copy of our film the moment it was ready. They thanked me and left. Well, at the end of the game, their owner approached Stephen and claimed that I kicked their people out of the booth. Mike called him to straighten it out, but only got his voicemail and he never called us back. Then, last night at 1am, he started blasted me and the team all over facebook. We were up till almost 2am with this whole thing. It seems petty, but this guy defines petty. It's also in the league rules that the home team HAS to provide space in the booth for the opposing team's film crew. If they deny them access, it could be a forfeit. I was not going to let this guy try and pull a move like that. My guys got their win fair and square..even if they did take a "cheap shot" at the beginning. Even still, it wasn't the only cheap shot taken during the game, it was just the only one from OUR side.

After the game, we went to the local bar that supports us financially somewhat, and the guys had a beer (I had diet redbull) and we ordered food to go, and took it to Tuckers. We were there till 4am laughing, discussing the game and football in general, and just enjoying ourselves. Sunday, we slept in till noon! Then, spent the whole day just relaxing and enjoying the day. Couple friends stopped over to pick up game film and we grabbed some ice cream with them, then took "J" home. Then, Bee and I hit walmart where we did a little shopping and then went home to hang out "just us" in our PJ's. I made popcorn, and we just spent quality time together. It was awesome, actually. :)

We eventually fell asleep around 2am this morning thanks to all the drama that unfolded with team stuff and today we are back at the daily grind. We are not as tired as we thought we would be, but it's still early yet lol. I can't wait to see how the rest of the week will turn out!

ps- Interesting "wow-it's-a-small-world" type things that happened this weekend, My cousin Jason came to watch the game. He lives like 45 minutes away. He gets there and goes over to talk to someone. When I saw him later, he said "You didn't tell me that Matt E. plays for the team!" I told him I didn't know he knew my Mattykins. apparently, that's HIS cousin! So, in a long round-about way, Matt and I are related...well, by marraige! lol! I told Matt and he goes "Oh. That sucks. Now we can't makeout anymore." HAHAHA! Ahhh Matty :)

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Sarah said...

What a jerk that other coach is! And I laughed out loud about Matty's comment! What a small world!