Thursday, June 10, 2010

Go Tribe!

Last night the Cleveland Indians played the Boston Red Sox. In an unusual twist of events, we won! It was a shut out! 11-0! It's unusual because as everyone knows, all Cleveland teams are horrible. Well, except the Cavs, and if LeBron leaves,'ll be back to status quo in good ole C-town.

My boss finally asked me yesterday if I wanted tickets. She gave me four for the suite. I am assuming I was given four because she knows Bee has two kids. She was being nice. Another unusual thing. Kiddos are out of town, so I told Bee to invite another couple or two of his friends and we would all ride down together because I was given a parking pass too!

By the time I made it home, he still hadn't heard back from anyone, so we were going to go solo. We were just leaving the house when the wife of the other owner of the football team called. He asked why they were still home because they were supposed to be in Pittsburgh. Turns out, they decided to leave today instead of last night. So, we invited them to come with us and they agreed! We swung by and grabbed them and headed down town.

We had a lovely time! Bee and Stephen hung out and Jen and I hung out. We ate, enjoyed the game, and enjoyed each other's company :) It was a lot of fun and I miss hanging out with them just doing couple stuff and not team stuff. I hope we all hang out again real soon!

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