Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today is a good day

I love this picture. I took it last summer when Bee and I took the kids to the fair. This horse is such a ham. His owner told me that he gets his picture taken so much that now he smiles. It's true! Every time I would pick my phone up, he'd do this. Then, when you put your phone or camera down, he'd stop. Hil-ar-ious!

Anyway, that's how I feel today. Last night when I got home from work, Bee and I went and picked up his oldest daughter. Then, we stopped out at his ex wife's parents house, where the two little ones are to drop some stuff off. "Her" mom had said she wanted to meet me and next time I should come so she could apologize in person. So, we tested it out last night. It went....well. Bee said to me later "I knew they'd be nice to you because they have to hold up appearances...but I didn't know they'd be THAT nice to you. Hell, they are nicer to you than they ever have been to me." I got hugs. Like, actual REAL hugs and her mom thanked me for being so good to the kids. She said "The kids love you so much and talk about how wonderful you are. I feel like if THEY love you, I should too" It was weird. I mean, I will forgive her for how she acted, but I don't trust her as far as I could throw her. However, at least we have met and are slightly better than civil with eachother. This will make school functions a LOT easier. Not to mention, in the future, we don;t have to make a special trip home to drop me off so he can pick the kids up. Also, maybe she can pass the word on to her daughter that Bee is happy and to leave him alone.

Then, afterwards, we went to dinner. At dinner, the Branch manager at my bank that I had been trying to reach for the last three days finally called me. It looks like I am going to get this whole situation taken care of. Which makes me happy. I am still leaving and banking somewhere else, but this way I can close out my account with a positive balance.

This morning started off nice. Bee woke up and surprised me with breakfast! My phone rang while we were still in bed and it was Young Miss Caitlyn. So, while I was talking with her, Bee told me he was going to play his game. Next thing I know, he's handing me a plate. What a good egg I have ;)

Now we are just relaxing until game time. I am about to sign off of here and clean a little bit because Lord knows, the house needs it! :)

So, with that, I say Go Invaders and see you all later!

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