Monday, June 21, 2010

The older I get...

The faster the weekends seem to go by! There is just not enough time!

Friday night, I rushed home from work and Bee and I went to go check out this apartment that I have been dying to look at. Oh my gosh! The place is beautiful! The grounds are beautiful! The pool is...well, beautiful! Haha! The Closets! Ooohhh, the Closet space!! I can totally picture us there. Getting up on a Sunday morning. Making breakfast in the HUGE kitchen, then grabbing the kiddos and walking 15 steps from my private entrance to the pool and letting them swim while I lay out in the sun. Then, during the week, Bee would be so close to work, he can ride his bicycle if he wanted and I would have a shorter commute as well. There is a few downsides though. Rent was advertised (on a 3rd party website, admittedly) as $1,000 per month. It's $1,260-$1,360 depending on up vs. downstairs. You also have to pay all utilities. Sewer, water, and trash pick up too, which is bull and kind of shady if you ask me. As renting tenants in an apartment complex, you should not have to pay sewer/water. The leasing agent said that gas/water/sewer/trash is all about $100.00 combined, on average, but still...$1,260 would still be kinda pushing it for Bee and I, then figure in utilities, Electric, and cable/Internet. Plus we have to eat or at least feed the kids ;). Then, all our other bills such as gas for the cars, my car payment, insurance, and cell phones. We could do it, but what little "extras" we do for fun or whatnot would have to stop.

The other thing I didn't like was that while it is nice the units come with washers and dryers, they are not as nice as the front loading, Energy saving, 18-pairs-of-jeans- holding ones that we have. I asked if we could use our own and she kind of cringed and said that while we could, theirs are gas and ours is electric. We would have to pay to have an electrician come out and install the 220v line. When I mentioned my dad could do it because he is an electrician, she balked and said "Oh, we would probably make you use ours. That way, we know he is certified and holds proper permits". The money is going to be the killer of this dream I am thinking. hahaha! One of the benefits of moving in with someone and sharing the bills is that since you are sharing, it should make things easier on you. Not harder. We are still looking.We keep saying how much we really like it. However, we still want to look other places before we commit to anything.

After visiting the apartment place, Bee took me to dinner at Longhorn! It was super yummy. Then, we went home so I could change real quick because we were heading out to the west side to see his brother's band play. As an added bonus, BFF Rose was coming out! I had stopped to get her a present too, because her birthday was Sunday. I offered to let Bee drink and have fun with his brother an Mattykins (one of our football friends) and since alcohol and I are still on a "break", I would be the DD for the evening. Finally, at 2:30 I gathered up an intoxicated but very silly bee, loaded him in the truck and took him home. He lasted about 15.5 seconds before he was passed out with my hand in almost a death grip! haha! That guy really loves me. He even met my ex boyfriend that night, who had texted BFF Rose to see if we were out. He said to me "Baby, your ex is a huge guy. When you told me that he was intimidating looking, I thought "Hell, I'm Intimidating looking", but, baby, He really is. Well, at 6'6 and 380lbs. Bald head, and goatee, most think he is a Narc cop. Haha

Saturday we woke up, threw some clothes on, and went to go get the kiddos from Grandma and Grandpa S's house. THAT whole situation is still awkward as hell. When I am there, I never know what to do with my hands. On the hips? crossed? in my pockets? Do I link my arm in Bees? I mean, that's how we usually stand together, but is that in bad taste? I mean, these are his ex wife's parents whom, for as much as the HATE bee (they have admitted on more than one occasion they NEVER liked him), they really don't like the fact that Bee and his ex are divorced. I think it's the religious part of them that despises more the fact that they are divorced, then the fact that they hate him. Fucking hypocrites. I usually end up doing just that. I know it's a weird thing to think about, but bee and I are affectionate with each other all the time. The kids need to see that. They need to know him and I love each other. We're stable as a couple. I mean, we aren't making out, groping each other, but we giggle at each other, wink, blow kisses, hold hands etc.

Anyway, we left there, grabbed a bite to eat, did a few errands, and headed home. Then got ready for the game. Bee's team lost, but put up a good fight against an almost unbeatable team. I cut oranges for the guys a-la-soccer mom, and they REALLY enjoyed it. They were requested for next game as well. ;) We did have a little incident where some player's wife took advantage of the kids selling hot dogs and t-shirts for the team, and stole from them/us, but that has been handled and after the game we all went to Tuckers to lick the wounds and have a few beers. Well, except for me and the kids. They had juice, I had energy drinks to stay awake long enough to drive home haha

Since we did not make it to bed until 4am, we did not wake on Sunday until 1pm. Well, I was up at noon, Bee and the kiddos slept till one. We went to my parents house to celebrate with deli trays, veggies trays, and dessert trays which Little man almost made quick work of until I stopped him after realizing he was on his 10th mini eclair. Hot damn, that kid can eat! My brother was there with the baby and Bee and the kids got to meet her! Bee looked so cute holding and cooing at the baby. Can't wait till we have ours someday :D We left there and stopped off at his friends house to pick some stuff up on the way home. When we got home, everyone got into PJ's and we just chilled. Little Man requested that we cuddle. That means a lot to me because he was super close to his mom from what I hear and now he gets kinda weird with me after visiting/talking with his mom or after spending time with Grandma/Grandpa and I know that the two weeks they were over there, the kids talked with their mom every day and spent at least one whole day with her at the prison (which Bee and I frown upon for two reasons: 1) Seeing your kids is a privilege. Being in Jail is a punishment and she already gets waaaayyy to many "perks" for being in prison. and 2) going to a prison, and seeing their mom there messes with their heads.) I can only imagine what they say about me to him and "C". Anyway, after some good quality cuddle and tickle time, I sent Little man to bed and Bee and I went to bed shortly there after....only to wake up today and start all over again!

I am hoping to get in a few more apartment visitations this week and starting making a decision. September 1st will come quickly!

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Sarah said...

As stressful as it is, I love the whole process of hunting for a home. It's so fun to imagine and dream. I wish you the best of luck!