Friday, July 16, 2010

2 outta 3 aint bad!

Ok, so I hear good things, not just bad things, come in 3's. I sure hope so!

1. My Bonus arrived. Yes. I was elated when I found out today was the day. Well, actually, the other girls got theirs yesterday and my boss was out so that made me sad. However, she told me this morning as soon as the owner came in, we (as in her and I) would both get our checks and that I would be "Pleasantly Surprised". When I later opened my envelope, I almost peed a little bit. It was DOUBLE what I got last summer. My boss said that with one of our co-workers leaving us next week and them dispersing the work around instead of hiring on someone new coupled with how awesome I am, they upped the anty. As much as I want to scream and pull my hair out sometimes at this place, they really really do treat us great and I am lucky to work here. The benefits and the pay far exceed the work I do.

2. My Laptop. It's been acting funny lately. I have been super careful not to download things and or plug things in (such as my MP3 player that is full of stolen music that I am sure is teaming with virus's) external drives. Yet, after messing around trying to get three mini dvd's worth of game film on my computer to burn to ONE regular DVD on Sunday, it was acting super weird. It started telling me there were drivers or files needed for the performance on certain programs that were messed up and blah blah blah and while it was only when I started explorer and it didn't interrupt my web browsing, it was irritating as all hell. I tried twice running system restore but then, when my computer was telling ME, it's OWNER, that I didn't have PERMISSION to change my wallpaper, I said enough is enough and brought it into our IT guy. Frank had it over night and while he found lots of stuff online about my issue, he couldn't figure out what exactly was wrong, what exactly was causing it, or how to fix it. So, he created a new user and copied everything over. He deleted the original one and all seems to be working great. Yay! Saved me money since I don't have to take it to "Geek Squad".

So, what is my 3rd? I am not sure yet! I thought it might be the air conditioning in my car. Not that I care if it's fixed or not, other than my car is a 2007, I would like everything to still be in working order , because I am a freeze baby and never use it. Bee wants it fixed and was going to pay to have it fixed since it's only a comfort to HIM. Personally, I like the fact that I am back to one tank of gas a week because we aren't taking my car ANYWHERE. Our friend is a mechanic who works down the street from my work. He said he's fix it for 3 packs of Trident Layers gum and the rest, if any, he would work out a deal with Bee (IE: Not charge us labor). Well, he called and said that it's my Air Condenser. It has a huge hole in it and won't hold freon. Parts alone are $500.00. I told him thanks but no thanks. Bee doesn't need A/C in my car THAT bad lol.

So now, I am hoping that my "3rd" is our house!! I heard back from Walt!! He said he REALLY hopes Bee and I are his first tenants and he will have applications for us TODAY! YAY!!! I really really hope we get it! I will keep you all posted. We are also hitting "The Point" next week! Yay!


Sarah said...

Wow! What great news! Love it when GOOD news comes in threes!

Amander said...

Nice! Can't wait to find out what the third one is :)