Monday, July 19, 2010

The waiting has begun...

Friday Night Bee and I decided to drop the now "twosome" off at the skating rink ("J" decided to spend the weekend visiting her mom who is staying with friends) That Miss T. owns with her husband. It's kinda nice. 3 and a half hours on a Friday night to do with what we please! We had planned on meeting Walt to pick up the applications he had for us, hit Walmart to buy new pants (Bee specifically asked me to wait for him and we'd go together so I could get him pants too. So, that is what we planned on doing.

We dropped the kiddos off, and headed over to Walt's. Walt is a lovely man, but boy does he like to talk!! I don't really mind much. I will just have to make sure that all dealings with him will be done when we are not running off to do something specific lol! After about 45 minutes talking with Walt, Bee and I left with the general impression he was going to take our paperwork, wait a day, and call us to let us know the house was ours. He pretty much said that without saying it.

After that, we left and Bee suggested we go to Party in the Park festival that was going on this weekend to grab fair food for dinner. Fair Food?! It's my favorite! So after walking around, dining on fair food, and Bee making a mess of his shirt from a yummy Gyro, we headed home. I went and picked up the kiddos and after reminding Bee of our trip to Walmart, he then decided that he didn't want new pants. I kinda wanted to choke the life out of him at that moment ...So I went by myself (with the kids, because C'mon! Who's kids don't get to stay out till 10:30pm AND get to go to Walmart because it's the coolest thing ever at 11pm?

Saturday, we got up, ate breakfast and got ready for Bee's game. It was on some lone stretch of road in the middle of nowhere. It was a crappy field, no stands, but a picnic table. Oh yeah, and it was 102 degrees. Seriously. We pulled all the cars up, cranked the tunes, and hung out. It was a BBQ, minus the grill, and the food, and the alcohol, the pool, and everyone was wearing the same thing. In the end, we won! But, guys were tired...and they kept taking my chairs...

Afterwards, we drove the hour and a half home and caught the last quarter of Miss T's husband's game (we play their team again this week) Poor little man was exhausted. He has LOTS of kids to play with when we have football games. Not to mention the heat. Oh, and little guy came cryin to me at the game. A bee, a REAL bee, dared sting him between his toes! All the football players ran over suggesting different remedies. The one we used was tobacco to get the out (Apparently, you are supposed to chew up the tobacco to make it a paste, then stick it on. I can't do that. I quit a year and a half ago....that will make me want to start again, so we used water instead..) then washed it off (It worked!) then sprayed him with lydocane and put a band aide on it. All out that made for one tuckered out little man. He was out before we hit the highway...

Then Sunday, I did some laundry and then went and got my hair done! It looks so nice and Bee can't stop saying nice things about it. haha! I keep hearing "baby, your hair looks really good!

Today, I faxed over our application to Walt. I hope all goes well. NOW the waiting begins. He did tell us he's let us know by "early in the week". We shall see!!

In the mean time, we have a busy week. "J" went to go spend the weekend with her mom and decided last minute she wanted to stay until Monday night, which screwed us because we didn't have a sitter for the wee ones. Bee took them to work with him today which he can do on "slow" days, but since she decided now to spend the rest of the week (We're not happy about that because A: "J"'s mom left a message, never talked to anyone, and we had big plans this week to do fun stuff with the kids, as a family, and "J" is going to miss it) So now we don't have a babysitter for Tuesday. So, I decided to take the day off and make good on my museum trip promise to little man ("C" too!) I went looking to see which one we should go to and the Science Center (the BEST one if you are a kid...or an adult who wishes they still WERE a kid) has free Tuesdays! Kids under 18 are free with paying adult! I wish Bee was coming too! Thursday we are going to Cedar Point!!! Kids will pee themselves! I can't wait! Bee will be there for that one. Caitlyn too!

I will keep you posted on the house. I will also post tons of pics from tomorrows Science center trip. In the mean time, check out my collages!

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Sarah said...

Good luck with the house application...I hope Walt lets you know soon!
Cool collages!