Friday, July 9, 2010

NOW, I'm a Cavs fan...

I never really liked LeBron. I didn't like how he called himself "King". I know it's a silly title for a silly sports game, but people get obsessive (see: my previous post) and start to see him as a real King. The religious upbringing in me makes me shudder at that.

Back to why I don't, and never did, like LeBron. I live in a sports oriented house. I know that trash talk, conceitedness, and hype are all a part of the game. However, as someone who has lived in this town my whole life, I can tell you he was like that in high school. Is he a good player? Sure. Is he as good as everyone says he is? Maybe. However, what ever happened to being humble?

My friend is a Police Officer. He used to do side jobs for the mall all the time. One day he was working his side job and his duty was to make sure anyone who walked in with a bag, checked it at the front of the store while they did their shopping, and they could pick it up as they left. LeBron walked in and started shopping with a bag in his hand. My friend approached him and said "Excuse me, Sir. You need to leave that at the front of the store." LeBron ignored him 3 or 4 times before finally saying "Look man, do you KNOW who I AM?!" This was before he had ever even set foot on an NBA court. My friend quietly replied, "Yes, Mr. James. I know who you are. However, the rules are the rules and it's my job to enforce them. Now, please place you bag at the front of the store, or I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

I don't like cocky players. Is it ok to be good and know you're good? Sure. But when you allow yourself to be cocky, you stop thinking and playing as a part of a TEAM and start thinking and playing like an individual. Individuals don't win championships. Teams do. Cleveland had the whole country talking and watching us for 7 years. We have other great players, but no one ever focused on them because LBJ was here and he was the star. I used to tell people all the time, "We are not the Cleveland Cavs. We are the Cleveland LeBrons"

What happened to loyalty? I know it's a business to them. But how can they expect their fans to support them and be loyal to them, when they are always only chasing the almighty dollar? It's ok, though. Like Dan Gilbert said, we will win a championship here before he does in Miami. He will take the "curse" with him. That's ok, because Cleveland has heart. We'll get our break soon enough and it will be because we have a Team of players, not a team of players and one Prima Donna. Good Luck, Cleveland. Go Cavs!!

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