Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's the little things...

On my way into to work this morning, I saw one old guy knock another old guy out. Seriously. I was stuck in traffic on the highway and they were pulled off to the side of the road. They were yelling and pointing and yelling some more. One old guy (And by old, I mean, they were like in their 70's) goes to get in his car to leave and the other said something. He promptly shut his door, stormed over to the other old guy, got in his face for a second, then popped him right in his nugget. Old guy #2 crumpled to the ground as Old guy #1 got in his car and drove off. Old guy #1 got up, got in his car, and drove off too.

Is stuff like this that lets me know God still loves me :D

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Amander said...

You don't know how much I love this story! I wish I had witnessed it.

And I wanted to comment on your other posts today, too.

On the "boys are stupid" - that is SO typical. How sad he had to interupt his relaxation!

And on the "weekend" post - WOW. That was some real crazy you had going on. Hope it's better now!