Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Having a little trouble...

With getting my pictures to upload from my phone....which is where half of my pictures are from. Friday, I uploaded a few pictures to my photobucket from my phone and they weren't showing up. Then, today they are finally there. Hence, why this entry is late...but as they say, better late than never...

This is my pant leg last week. Thursday I went to practice with Bee. While standing around waiting for everyone to show up (Tell them 6:30pm, most show up by 7pm), Bee starts getting nebby with me. So, I tell him I will go Ninja on him if he keeps it up. To which he promptly declares (because, you know, his boys were standing there) "Bring it!". I remind him he has padding on, I do not.

He throws me his shoulder pads and helmet. Ok, I'll bite. I put them on and to be quite honest, I looked like a little kid wearing his dad's clothes. He buckled me all in to the equipment to the laughing and cheering of the guys standing around.

"This is going to hurt. I'm not going to take it easy on you.."

Not too look like a girl in front of the team, I responded,

"I don't care! I can take it! HIT ME!"

And not to look like a Puss in front of his team mates by being called out by his girlfriend, he did just that. After he threw me the ball first so it was a legal tackle. (PS- I've seen my boyfriend tackle guys before. He so did NOT tackle me "full go".)

I was tackled twice. The first time sent me flying back about 6 feet, crumpled on the ground, with him on top of me, in a fit of laughter. Second one? Well, I think I braced too hard for it and my neck snapped back as I fell and my nuggie slammed into the ground. Now, I had a helmet on which cushioned most of the blow. However, it was not fit to my large, yet noticeably smaller-than-Bee's head, and it bounced around in the helmet a bit. THAT tackle took my breath away and was not so enjoyable. My neck is STILL a little sore and I had a headache in my front right lobe for about a day.

I jumped up, visibly shaken and said,

"Alright, fun's over, boys! THAT'S how you do it! Now, Get the SAND outta your VAG and play some damn football!"

Haha :) I later asked Bee if my grass stain made me a real football player now. He laughed and said "" Then I told him that it was quite ok because I would much rather be a cheerleader/videographer :D

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