Friday, July 23, 2010

Just a few things..

I'm tired. Exhausted really, so today's entry is in list form.

~CEDAR POINT WOO! Was soo much fun! I got lots of pictures which I will upload later. Kiddos were totally surprised and had a great time.

~We literally drove home in a tornado. Bee and I kept repeating that line from Twister "Cow......Another Cow!" "No. I think that's the same cow." I think that was more or less so we could laugh and not throw up from the panic we were feeling. Weather was beautiful until around 7:30pm when the heavens opened up.

~The longest we waited all day in line was 45 minutes.

~When you become a mom, biologically or not, you immediately become a pack mule.

~You are also expected to see into the future and be prepare for everything.

~I changed my blog background. Mainly because I had to go to the site where I got it and re-save the one I had because they switched bandwidth supporters, so I figured, what the hell?

~I am so excited about the house and moving, but think I am going to throw up over the thought of packing up my apartment and Bee's house, and the actual act of moving and unpacking. Though, unpacking is way better in my mind than unpacking. It's overwhelming.

~Bee has a football game on Saturday. We also have Grandma Bee's 70th Birthday Party that his sister from out of town planned. That his Sister in law is giving him crap about NOT devoting his whole day to it because "your sister put a lot of effort in to this party!!", Plus, he has a football coaching "work day" that day for "C"'s football team. He's a little stretched thin....which is exactly what I was worried about 4 months ago. Moving, Football, Football Coaching, annnd work.

~I am pretty sure, after walking around all day in the hot hot sun and not even remotely burning or tanning that I just reflect the sun :/

~Later Today, I will upload pics...Until then, I am going to finish work and go home and try and relax :)

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