Thursday, July 29, 2010

Moving and Packing, Moving and Packing..

Last night I stopped off at my favorite store on the way home. Walmart. Hot damn, do I love me some Wally world! I went in with the intention of buying large body-sized, garbage bags and dishwasher soap because if I have to wash dishes by hand, another piece of my soul will die.

$67.00 later, I emerged. Kids need cereal. Milk. Mac-N-Cheese. Bread. Then Bee text me four times while I was in there. "Can you buy me some pop?" "2 liters are fine." "Oh, can you get me like 3 or 4 of them? I go through those things like water!" Which then reminded me, I didn't have any pop at home. However, diet coke was on sale for .98 cents. Diet Dew was $1.50. Then, one last time "Oh! And I need red or blue athletic tape for the game! Thanks Monkee!" Oh well. We're a "Combined Household" now. Better get used to it.

I had intended on making chicken and dumplings for dinner. Yes, I realize it's 90 degrees outside, but we keep the A/C at 72 degrees. That, and I had taken chicken from March of 2009 out of Bee's freezer the day before. It was split, bone-in chicken breast. We don't eat that kind of chicken. Well, at least I don't. Therefore I don't really know any recipes in which I would look forward to eating that would be worth my while. Then I remembered mom always made chicken and dumplings with left over chicken! I called mom and got her recipe and bought the two ingredients I needed to make it (bullion cubes and Bisquick). But then, while I was in the store, I saw hamburgers and got those to make instead. I made up the chicken anyway and figure we can have chicken and dumplings tonight :)

After a scrumptious dinner, I got back to packing up the dining room. I was aaalllmooostt done, when be shut off all the lights and dragged me off to bed. It was 9:00pm, but the kids were at Grandma Bee's and I didn't have a headache tonight... ;) Alas, that boy is worth it...but I wish I could have at least finished up in the dining room of doom first. It would have done so much for my sense on accomplishment. Oh well, there's always tonight while he is at practice. I tend to get a lot more done when he is gone. I usually get a lot more done when everyone is gone. Hence, why tonight the kids will spend the majority of it in their rooms. Cleaning. "C"'s was supposed to be done by Monday evening when I got home. That was her chore for the day. I got home, her room hadn't been touched, and she was gone. At Grandma and Grandpa's for three days so they could work in a visit with her mom on Tuesday....

If it's not enough that I am packing and moving at home, I now have to pack and move at work! One of our co-workers quit because she was moving to D.C., and I have been asked to switch cubicles. So, today is the day for that. I am still 50/50 on how I feel about it. Oh well. Change of scenery. Roll with the punches. Or at least try to anyway. I think I am going to be ok with is though. Gives me a chance to reorganize and now I'm at least physically part of the group. At least I will know what the hell is going on most of the time.

So that's essentially it. It looks as though Bee and I are going to be moving the weekend of Aug 1th. Walt needs to meet with his lawyer and draw up a lease and paint our kitchen and we have to get the first months rent together. We have the security deposit and most of the first months rent, but bee had a financial woe earlier in the week that took some of that money. Oh well. Shit happens, yes?

I did manage to get the whole dining room and 3/4 of the kitchen packed before running out of boxes. That is super frustrating because I really want to pack the rest of this weekend...but I guess it's ok because now I have to wait another two weeks. Blah...

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