Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You can't make this stuff up...

(SIDE NOTE: Happy 100th post, to ME! :D )

I am starting to think I need a vacation from my weekends. Thank God I can come back to work! It may be boring here with not much to do, but at least there is sanity here...and consistency :)

Friday started off with me getting home to find no Bee or kiddos. No big deal because Bee cashes his check on Fridays and usually stops at the store. Sometimes he picks up dinner. I had also just spoken with him about 20 minutes before, so I was not concerned. After about 45 minutes and no text or phone call, I got worried. My phone rang and Bee told me as soon as I answered that he might need me to get him a lawyer and or a bail bondsmen.

Apparently, "J" called him frantically. She was at a "friends" house. Apparently some friend of her moms from the Kingdom Hall. Her mom dropped her off there a week ago and told "J" that this friend wanted her to live with them and go to school with her daughter. "J" knows them from "church", but is not close with them or anything. "J" told her mom that she had decided to live with us, so she wasn't going to live with these people. Her mom protested and said she'd have a better life and better education with people who think like them (IE: Jehovah Witnesses). "J" agreed, for peace keeping reasons to try it for a week and make her decision then. In the mean time, her mom was hiding her from us and did not inform us of "J" going to live with other people who weren't family ("J"'s mom would not be living there). She was also not telling "J" in her daily conversations with her that we were calling and trying to get a hold of her. When "J" asked about what we thought, she was told "Oh, they haven't even called to check on you. See, they don't care".

"J" was getting daily lectures and pressure from this "friend" to make up her mind and live there. She doesn't do well with pressure and demands. They ended up getting into a fight and "J" asked to leave. The friend told her she wasn't allowed to leave because like it or not, THIS was her home. They were her family. No one else wanted her. Her dad and I just want her for babysitting "C" and "Little Man". She asked to call her dad and was refused. She finally made it to the phone and called Bee. He asked her where she was (Thank GOD he knows his way around this state like a blind man knows his own house) and he went and got her. When he pulled up with Grandma Bee (Thank GOD he thought to take her or else he MIGHT have ended up in jail), the "friend" of "J"'s mom came out and started cursing out Bee and and Grandma Bee. Telling them, in front of "J" and the other two kiddos how they were horrible people. They were all going to hell. "C" and "Little Man's Mom" was in prison, she was going to hell for stealing from her false God and believing in a false God, and that Bee and them would join her for eternity. Also, that "J" (who emotionally isn't all that stable because of her mom) is the reason her daughter is now suicidal because "J" isn't going to be her "sister". Also, that Bee was kidnapping "J" and she was calling the Sheriff.

Bee snatched "J", restrained Grandma Bee from beating that bitch's ass, and they left. He went to the Sheriff's office and told them what was going on. They told him as long as he has Shared custody and felt his daughter was in jeopardy, he was fine and wouldn't be arrested or anything. "J's" mom finally called back. Claimed to be "upset" at how the "friend" reacted and if "J" was uncomfortable, she should have called her and she would have went and gotten her instantly (yeah, right...)

I told Bee, JW's are a cult. Even the most disliked member is still a member and therefore, you risk life, limb, and freedom to protect each other (not to mention, they are taught they don't have to recognize our court or judicial system because it's from the Debil.) If "J's" mom gets too spooked and is given access to "J", she can hide her so deep and so far from us, we won't be able to find her. I told him this 3 weeks ago. I think he is starting to believe me after this stunt. I contacted one of the best lawyers around. He handles the owner of company's legal issues both professional and personal (My boss only has the BEST of everything...) he agreed to be on standby if we need anything. Bee and "J"'s mom talked. "J" has made it clear she is living with us. I hope that takes care of the issue. If not, I told Bee that the kids are number one and we will go deep into debt if we have to in order to protect them. They're worth it.

That was Friday. Saturday we had Grandma Bee's 70th Birthday celebration. We did dinner at a Restaurant called "Mangia! Mangia!". It was nice :) Then, we headed out to Bee's game. We got our behinds handed to us. 50 something to 14. Our head coach got pissed at Bee and mid game threw his clipboard AT Bee and stomped off saying he quit. Bee coached the rest of the game. THAT's when we got our 14 points. Afterwards, the kids went to Stephen and Jen's while we all went to the local bar that sponsors our team for all you can eat wings and salad with the other team (we're all friends...which made this loss extra hard...especially since there was a "trophy" on the line. )

Miss T and her husbnd. Her husband plays for the opposing team.

Sunday, we hung out for a little bit and then headed over to Tucker's house for his son's Graduated party. It was HUGE. There was a band and everything. Tucker can really throw a party! Bee and I always joke that he Runs the city. I mean, he is really big in the PTA, he's sits on the board of all of his kid's sports teams, He is a business owner in the city AND sits on the City Council. It's a small town. Everyone knows and likes him. In fact, one night after a game, Bee got pulled over for making a "lazy turn" and having a loud muffler. He told the cop we were on our way to Tuckers (we were) and the Cop was like, "OH! Rick?! Well, just tighten up those turns and get that muffler fixed!" haha!. I think the whole town was at the party. Good Food, Good friends, and a great time. It was one busy weekend and as always, Monday came way too soon...

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Sarah said...

Yikes...I am so glad you are having J live with you and you are protecting yourselves legally. It sounds like she really needs you.