Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making Good on Promises.

I don't believe that children should get whatever they want, when they want it. Call me cruel, but I believe that children should be told "no" to the things they want sometimes for no other reason then they need to learn life isn't always fair and we don't always get what we want.

That being said, it's kinda hard to turn down a child who is smart, well behaved, and really is a perfect angel most of the time. Especially when they look at you with their big brown reminds-me-of-his-dad's eyes and asks "Can you take me to a Museum this summer, please?" like he's a 27 year old English major. My heart melted and I said, "Why, ABSOLUTELY Little Man!!" and then he hugged me, said his prayers ("and God, Thank You for letting her take me to a museum!"). That was a month ago.

Flash forward to Monday. Bee and I are in a lurch because "J" had told us "I want to live here!" and so, we canceled our summer babysitters because why send the kiddos off to someone else when they can be with their sister? Like it or not, older siblings are WHY you have more children. This way, when they become teenagers, you can't kill them because then you have to find an actual babysitter. Then, you can say things like "Well, we all have chores. Yours is watching your brother and sister. You want privileges? Well, they come with responsibilities." Not that "J" complains, at least not yet. But I am sure at some point, she will.

Anywho, we're in a lurch because she spent the weekend at her mom's. Just like I suspected, mom has a place to stay now (with her "friends". We're still not sure who and where that is) and so last we heard was a voicemail and a text from "J"'s mom saying that "J is going to stay a "few more days". Until AFTER the convention (J.W's)". We don't know how long "a few more days" is, and we haven't been able to get a hold of anyone over there since. Legally, Bee can't do anything much. She has legal custody. We can get a lawyer and challenge that custody and the fact they are technically "transient", but "J" is 17. By the time anything could be done, she'll be 18 and it will all be moot anyway (I know, I looked into it). For all we know, "J" was told we don't want her here and don't want her calling us. She's not allowed to have her own phone so our only contact with her is her mother.

All of this to say, on top of all that, we have no sitter now for the kiddos. Grandma Bee can normally do Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but we are still at a loss for Monday and Friday. Tyler and his mom never got back to me about watching the kids. I am assuming they don't want to. Oh well, we'll do what we did last year. So, Monday, I dropped them off at Bee's work. Then, Tuesday, Grandma Bee has to work early because someone was on vacation, so we had no sitter. I decided last minute, to take the day off and be with the kids. I just got my bonus and decided to make good on my museum promise! Best part? Apparently, Tuesdays are free at the Great Lakes Science Center for all kids under 18 with a paying adult! Bonus for me!!!

So, we got up early. Scratch that. I got up early. Showered. Freaked because the cable was off. Called and paid the bill (I will save my rant about "privacy" and customer service for another day), then got the kiddos up, fed, and then started the days chain of events off by breaking my camera. Great. We are surprising the kids with Cedar Point on Thursday. I NEED my camera!!! So, we ran up to Walmart and I bought a new one. Slightly more than what I wanted to pay, but Walmart was A) Out of stock on EVERYTHING and B) I was being picky because after owning a camera that takes "AA's" versus my last one that had a battery like a cell phone, I'll take the latter any day. So, I could have gotten a camera for $119.00, but I took the $130.00 one because of the battery pack. (BTW: It's a samsung. Like my phone. I love my phone and I REALLY REALLY REALLY Love this camera.)

We made it downtown and Little Man's big round eyes became the size of saucers when he saw where we were going! Then, when he found out it was space week and that there was going to be a really real astronaut ("the space man" he referred to him all day long as) there and he could meet him AND get his autograph, well, he was in awe. We spent the whole day playing, and learning, and even saw an IMAX movie about under the Sea animals (We were going to see "Hubble" since it was space week, but it was only at 1pm and 3pm and 1pm was when the "space man" was going to be there and 3pm was too late ). Little Man lead the way to each and every exhibit. He spent so much time on the first floor, I had to keep prodding him along reminding him there was a whole 2 more floors with fun stuff to see and do. Both kids had a BLAST. They are already talking about when they can go next time.

Just wait until they see the "Cedar Point" sign Tomorrow...I'm so "ah-cited", that I just might Pee

More Pictures from the Great Lakes Science Center!!

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Sarah said...

SO cool that you did this! What a memory you made with the kids!