Thursday, July 15, 2010

Patience may be a virtue...

But it is not one that I posses. I never have. It's not that I am demanding, because I am really not. It's just when I want something, it stresses me out until I know if I am going to get it or not. Ask those who know me and they will tell you my impatience with things is really quite maddening. Some of the things I am currently impatient about are:

~My bonus. When is it coming? I have plans for that money. Some of which include taking time off of work. I can get out pretty easily. Even as last minute as the day before. Bee? Not so much.

~This house. Do I need to keep looking? Are we good? Are we not? The guy said "Early next week" he'd have applications for us on Sunday. It's Thursday. We are officially in the "late part" of next week. Is it being overbearing contacting him again? It's just I need to know what we are doing here. If we are moving, we gotta get three kids registered for school there. PLUS pack, pack up my apartment, move, and unpack.

~Traffic. And Traffic. Period. If there is even one car on the road that;s in my way, I get impatient and start saying things to the car. I lovingly point out which side the gas pedal is located on and where their blinkers are.

I wish I wasn't so high strung sometimes...


Sarah said...

I hear you...your patience level sounds about like mine. :) So many times I wish that I could be a little more laid back about my worries like my husband is.

I think that a follow-up call about the house would be a good thing. Showing him that you are still interested helps him move along in the process too. Just a simple, quick call to check in might get things moving.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you (about the bonus check too)!

Amander said...

Oooh, I wish I got bonuses! Hope it comes soon so you can do something FUN!