Monday, July 12, 2010

It was all lust before...

Because I am truly in LOVE now. WE are in love....with this HOUSE! Well, and each other too, but that's old hat. I'm talkin about LOVE LOVE LOVE this house!

Friday night was, well. Uneventful. Bee asked me if I could drive to the practice field and meet one of the players to pick up his camera so I could have it to film on Saturday. I was slightly peeved because really, I just want to come home and relax. I mean, the practice field it like 4 minutes from my work, but it is in no way shape or form on my way. In fact, it's the opposite direction and those 4 minutes take 25 sometimes when the traffic is bad.

When I got home, Bee was napping on the couch, "J" and Little Man were all packed up practically sitting on the porch, which made my heart sing! It looked like the kiddos were going somewhere! I had been just thinking about how nice it would be for a weekend alone! Listen, I love those kiddos. I do. I love them as if they were my own. however, they are not. I am going from being single with no "responsibilities" to being responsible for three kids, one adult (besides myself). I know that even your OWN children just need to go away sometimes because seeing their angelic little faces makes you want to tell them Santa isn't real. Sometimes, you just need a little break. Turns out, Grandma Bee was going to visit her daughter who lives an hour and a half away and asked if the kids wanted to go with her for something "different" to do. "J" and Little Man said yes, but "C", who can't NOT be up her dad's backside for more than 15 seconds, said that she wanted to stay home with us. Sigh. I love that little girl, really...but sometimes she can be so difficult. I don't even really think it's because she misses her dad. I think it's because she see's herself as an adult (bee treats her like one most of the time) and HATE to not know everything that is going on. She might miss something...Now, we were going to have to drag her with us to look at houses in the morning and we would have to take the car instead of the bike like I had originally wanted to do. I don't think I'll ever get to ride on the bike this summer....

I miss this!!!

Anywho, "J" and Little Man Left with Grandma Bee, who peeked in the house, saw it was clean, and came ALL the way in this time. I love her, but really. She should remember what it is like being the only one who picks up after kids. I went to the skating rink that my friend "T" and her husband own to pick up tickets to the after party we are having for when her husband's team and Bee's team play each other in a few weeks , and "C", after deciding more information could be gathered by going with me, rather than stay with her dad (We'd only be gone a few minutes), she chose to tag along with me. We went up to the rink, got the tickets, chit-chatted with my friend "T" and her husband, who both invited us to stay and skate for free, but it was Teen/Tween night and while I can dig the music, I couldn't dig the crowd. We went home and "C" asked her dad if she could go. He said yes, so it was BACK to the rink. I was ok because it meant we had 4 hours to be alone and do something. ANYTHING. "T" was at the rink so I was ok leaving "C" there to skate and be a kid. We ended up doing NOTHING, and I went and got "C" at 10:30. We came home. We went to bed.

Saturday morning we had two houses on the agenda. One was a Condo. Three bedroom, 2 1/2 bath. 1,500 Square Feet. The guy was asking $950 a month. It was nice. BEAUTIFUL patio. LOVED the patio. Would rent it based solely on the Patio. There was a pool for the complex. It was nice, but small. They advertised a playground. It was a slide and a swing. That's it. Seriously. It was an older complex. Lots of old people. The Condo was nice. But that's it. The decor (as in paint, wallpaper etc) was very dated. I am sure they painted in between tenants, but some of the stuff, including the shiny, metallic flowers on the bedroom wall in the master bedroom looked like it was from the 70's. Not much room for the now 5 of us. Plus it was in a school system that Bee is not fond of. This means I have to drive them to school in the mornings. It's just one town away, but still.

We filled out an application because really, it's a steal for a three bedroom and we could make it work. Like I said, it was nice, however I wasn't in love. We left and still had an hour before our next house, so we drove by some more condos that are for rent and got a bite to eat. I discussed with Bee how I was sad because I wasn't in love with the last place like I was with the house we looked at before and Cobblestone and how this next house is more of a "just to say we did it" type tour because I knew already it wouldn't suit us because it had no central air. While I am ok with that, the other 4 would die. It also had a wood burning stove and I wasn't sure if that was just for the front room, or if the whole house was heated that way. I am open minded, but I am not trying to live like a pioneer woman.

Then we pulled up. It took my breath away. Giant, yellow, century home. Victorian Style with a wrap around porch with a swing. It had two great big windows and the glass french doors. We met the owner, who was a very sweet man who explained to us this house was his wife's dream home. They bought it and she restored it to original, yet added things to keep it's charm while being economical (the glass doors are new, but look old. The insulation was all just redone and new windows put in). She loved that house. Unfortunately, in the last year, her, his mother, and his father all passed away. He and his young teenage children couldn't bear to live in it anymore, but didn't want to sell it. This house is AMAZING. 2,600 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage, a shed (should be called a small barn) koi pond, HUGE yard, the stove only heats the main room, but it has boiler heat throughout the house house if you chose not to use the stove. Kitchen is HUGE, dining room is HUGE. Bee and I just kept walking around gasping at everything we saw. We told the owner we REALLY liked the house and wanted to rent it. He told us he would get us an application this week and if we truly love it, we have first crack at it above anyone else. He was a sweet sweet man and I think he will be a wonderful landlord. I can just FEEL that this house will be ours. He told us he would even let us pick the colors of paint for each room. It's also in a GREAT city with one of the best school systems in the state (top 5). Their Football program is one of the best as well.

I have not been able to stop talking about it. Bee is just as excited. I have overheard him telling the guys on the team. However, he is trying not to get too ahead of himself because we don't know for sure. I think he took it harder than he thought he would when we didn't get the last house (they decided to rent to family). Me? I can't help it. My brain works differently and I already have us moved in and furniture placed and arranged. I am already worrying who's going to get what room? Do I want to take the master bedroom for me and Bee because it's the biggest but doesn't have the bathroom attached, yet, the biggest bathroom is right outside the door with the big 3 claw tub and ginormous walk in closet, but will have to share it with whatever child sleeps upstairs with us? Or, do I take the small bedroom downstairs for me and Bee and close off the Den making that whole little area down there our room? The actual bedroom is smaller than the master bedroom, but it has a build in book case, decent sized closet with a cubby hole, and if I closed off the den, we could use that for our space to put our computers, my couch, Bee's weights, and by closing off the den, it would then make the downstairs bathroom a part of our room. Bee says I worry too much AND I get way ahead of myself. haha! I want this house and I think I just might cry and throw my hands up in despair if we don't get it.

After house hunting, we went home, got ready for Bee's game (that they lost...horribly 48-7), then went and got some grub. Then, we came home and went to bed. Sunday we didn't do much other than pick up the other two children from Grandma's. Now, we are back into the work week. I sure hope bonus's come this week. They are coming...just not sure exactly when. In the meantime, I am just going to fret over this house....


Amander said...

Sounds like a great house!

Sarah said...

Oooohhh! Love the description of that house...I'm crossing my fingers for you! :)