Friday, July 2, 2010

Knee High by the 4th of July!

Is how the old corn saying goes. However, around here, it should be Boob high by the 4th of July. Then again, I suppose "boob high" is all relative in how tall you are. Why am I talking about this? I don't know. I just wanted to put "4th of July" somewhere in my title. Whee!

I made it. I made it to Friday. Yay! I was supposed to be off this week and I really thought that, coupled with my great sadness at Not being on vacation in Arizona right now was going to make it really hard to drag my butt into work everyday. I was wrong. It was just as hard as any other day. Although, I did ask for today off and was declined because "too many people are off already", so I took Tuesday instead since we are off Monday. Then, yesterday, a girl in my office asked for today off as an afterthought, and they GAVE it to her. I was a little miffed. Oh well. I am here today and it's quiet. No one is around and I can jam with my MP3 player on full blast and bosses, co-workers, and clients will leave me the hell alone while I scour the Internet for places to live, mini stay-cations for me and the kids, and other things to occupy my boring 8 hours of "here" today. Hopefully, the big man will let us go home early. Then, on Tuesday, when everyone is back and everything is crazy, I'll be laying on a beach. Hopefully.

Or Maybe not. Little man, in his infinite cuteness, asked me the other night with his big beautiful just-like-his-father's brown eyes, if I could perhaps take a day off of work and take him to a couple of museums. Just him. Well, and me of course. And I suppose "C" can come too. But only if she really really wants to. Maybe dad too. But probably not, because he has to work. How can you turn down a 7 year old with puppy dog eyes who sounds like he's a 27 year old English major when he talks to you? I'm kind of broke right now, but I think I can convince his dad to give me use of his bank card for our admission for the day. We'll see. His other request was a trip to the Detroit Zoo. He is fully aware that there is an awesome Zoo right here in town. Not 30 minutes away. However, that is old hat. Grandma and Grandpa have taken him there twice this year, and he's gone once with school. This new obsession with the Detroit Zoo comes after he saw my pictures from there from when I went, ironically, the weekend I ended up reconnecting with his father. He is mesmerized by my tales of the polar bear exhibit and the fact that you can go into a glass tunnel and have the polar bears sit on top of it and see their butts. Comedic Gold to a seven year old, and totally worth the 3 and a half hour drive.

Other than that, not much to report. As is all of our weekends, be them Holiday ones or otherwise, we are busy, busy, busy! Tonight, two of our receivers on the football team are performing with their band at a local club. Ironically, they are twins. And they are black. I don't say this to be racist, I say this because really, you don't see too many black identical twins. They look like Usher, play guitar like John Legend, and sound like John Mayer. They are 23 and all the ladies 40+ adore them. The ladies 39 and under adore them too, but they get big time cougar action for some reason. I think the bored, white, housewives feel dangerous because they are young and black. Who knows. I just think it's hysterical they are our star receivers and their numbers are "9" and "11". Get it? 9/11? They're twins? Twin Towers? Ok. Never mind. Anyway, they have a show tonight at a local club. Bee and I want to go. Hopefully, since he had to install the new battery in the bike that he bought like two weeks ago because his car died yesterday and he needed the bike for work today, we can take the bike. Then, tomorrow, he has football practice early. I have a graduation party. Then, after a few hours there, it's off to the team fundraiser. Then Sunday...not sure about Sunday. However, Bee owes me a "4th of July".

4th of July, to me, for whatever reason, is so romantic. Even more so than Valentines day. I have always wanted a boyfriend on 4th of July to enjoy a BBQ with our family and friends, and then to lay out on a blanket and watch fireworks together. Every year since I have been old enough to date I have either NOT had a boyfriend on the 4th, we broke up right before, or I met someone days after. Even worse, I have been stood up TWICE on 4th of July. Both times by guys who knew just how much it was going to mean to me that they were there with me. Last year was going to be my year. I had Bee. We were to attend a picnic with my family, then head back towards home to go to another picnic with friends. We would watch fireworks from their house. Bee was going through a lot emotionally in those days. He was "in his head" a lot. Locked away where no one could reach him. He ignored my family. Was rude to me and when we got to his friends house, he barely said two words to anyone and just spent the evening in his phone texting, playing solitaire, and just being anti social. He even sat someplace when the fireworks were going to start that made it almost impossible to sit next to him. I told him after we broke up just how sad that whole day made me and when we talked about getting back together, I told him how he had to make it up to me this year. We'll see if he can pull it off. We'll see if he even remembers.

Monday we're both off and Tuesday I am off. I wonder what kind of trouble we can get into. I know one things for sure, I want to take a lot of pictures! I have been really slacking lately in that department, and I need pictures!
I hate blog entries with no pictures :)

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful and happy 4th of July!!!

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