Friday, September 3, 2010

Finally Friday!

So, this was supposed to be our weekend of rest. I had told Bee last week that while I love how busy we are because there is always something to do, I also love when we sleep in and are lazy bones all day too and that I missed the latter because we hadn't done it in awhile. "Next weekend, baby. I promise. We will do nothing" Ha! I should have known better!

However, it's half my fault. And I don't think that either of us realized that this weekend was Labor Day Weekend, which ironically, would be the perfect weekend to be labor-less...which is kind of the point of the holiday anyway..but I digress.

I am a social person. I like having gatherings. Not sure why. Maybe it's because my parents house growing up was the gathering place for their friends and ours alike. When I lived with BFF Rose, her house was her sanctuary and she didn't like people over. When I lived alone, I was too far from everyone, so they made me come visit them, and when I moved in with Bee, well, it was his house and it was a mess...and he didn't like people over. I am thinking because it was a mess..Anyway, lots of our friends want to see the house. I want to show them the house. We have a giant yard and I have been itching for a BBQ for awhile. I asked Bee if he would mind if we had a Labor day BBQ and he agreed it would be fun. That's Sunday. Now, I have to clean my house, make sure the lawn gets mowed ("C's" job), I see weeds that need to be pulled, I need to shop for food, I need to cook and put together the food, and on top of it all, "J" has decided this is the weekend she wants to start going to her mom's for visits. Also, "C" and Little Man are going down on Saturday to go camping with their Grandparents. Oh, and Bee doesn't know it, but I forgot to mention (and actually forgot period until yesterday) that I told my parents that we would strap my bed to the roof of Bee's Explorer and drive an hour to their house to deliver it and that, while we were there, he would help my father hang the new bedroom doors (luckily, there's only three doors to hang, and from what I hear, if you know what you are doing, it's easy, AND mom is feeding us...) Oh well, I'll rest all day Monday...unless we hit up the airshow....

Still not too sure what I am going to make for our BBQ. I know for sure, we are having Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Baked Beans, Chips, Dips, s'mores, and possibly homemade salsa. I think I will add a veggie tray, deviled eggs, and watermelon, bake-n-serve chocolate chip cookies, and maybe rice crispy treats for desert. I think that should be enough, yes? Then, beer, pop, and kool-aid for drinks. Now that I write it all out, it sounds like more than enough! haha! I hope we get a nice turn out. There is nothing worse then spending money that should go to other things on food for a cookout and no one showing...but the good news is, between Bee, myself, my family, and his, who I know for sure are coming, that's 10 people...and well, that'd be good enough for me.

I hope you all enjoy your Labor Day weekend, and it is truly "Laborless" ;)

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