Thursday, September 30, 2010

O-H! I-O!

Ok, I don't live anywhere near Columbus. Columbus and Ohio State are about 4 hours south of me. Yet, because I live within the ohio border, you will hear this song at EVERY bar, Every wedding, Every football game from pee-wee through High School, and if memory serves me correctly, Semi Pro too.

Allrriight! Let's hear it for the horn section!

Nevermind that shaking of the camera torwds the end....That would be me...forgetting that I was in fact filming, so I started to dance. A knat people. Attention span of a knat...

Here's the rest of the Chorus...and the lovely flag girls! Go Flags!

Yeah, I pretty much have a secret obsession with Marching Bands. I was in marching band in high school. I thought, and still do, that it was preeeety much the coolest thing around. However, I won't admit that outside of this blog. Clarinets, Holla!

Wow. My Nerd-dom just out shone anything that Bee could ever do or say ;)

So, this was our night.

C plays football for the city legue one town over. It's the town we used to live in. It's also a huge rival of the town we currently live in.

Anyway, Riverside's homecoming parade was tonight. Because C plays for their youth legue, she walked in the parade with her daddy. J and Little Man and I stood on the parade route and collected candy/ Oh my WORD the candy! It was like practice for Halloween!

Thats so not gonna help my diet..

Moving on...

I leave you with pictures!

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