Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Extravaganza!

Alright, so in the in hopes of keeping this blog interesting for the two of you who read it, I've decided to try out something new. I've seen on a few other blogs, they do a list of 13 things about any given topic (or none at all!) on Thursdays. I liked the idea, and even better, it had it's very own graphic. I like graphics. They are close enough to pictures for me, and well, pictures are always a good thing. Besides, I am a fan of lists, and have always felt like the number "13" got the shaft.

To kick off my very first Thursday 13, today's topic is going to be, well, Me. :) I've come to realize that while this is my blog, I spend the majority of my time talking about Bee, the kids, or my family. I haven't really shared too much about me as a person, so....without further ado....

  1. I spent most of my teenage years grounded. No. Seriously. From 6th grade until I graduated, the only time I WASN'T grounded was summer vacation (well, once again, not completely true...I spent a lot of that in trouble too.) and the first 5 weeks of school. Once interim reports came out, I was sunk. I was REALLY smart, and I blame that. I was bored. School was not fun, and I preferred to talk to my friends about cute boys rather than listen to anything a teacher had to say.

  2. Some of the things I did would probably make my mother pale if she knew about them. I can bet you the worst things I got caught doing, were mild compared to what I got away with.

  3. I totally revert back to being 5 years old at Christmas time, which for me, starts Black Friday.

  4. At age 4, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always "He-Man". I Had the haircut and all...

  5. I've always been close with my mama, but a daddy's girl at heart.

  6. My first job was a "Ham Show-er Girl" during the Easter Holiday Season for Honey Baked Ham. I was 14.

  7. My first dog's name was Barfey. Yes. "Barfey". It was a poodle. I made that dog so wild and hyper, that my mom had my dad take Barfey to the pound one day while I was at my Aunt Janie's. I came home and she told me that when she opened the door for the mail, he took off. I made my dad drive me all around town for weeks while I called out the window, "Baaaarrrrrrffffyyy!!!"
  8. It wasn't until I was 24 that I found out that Barfy didn't actually run away...
  9. When I was 4, I won a 75lb hollow chocolate Rabbit from a local candy store. It was one of those "Fill out this card and you could win THIS" type contests. My mom has a picture of me kneeling next to my rabbit (it was 3ft tall) and the look on my face was priceless.
  10. I got REALLY upset when my dad cut Mr. Rabbit up and put him in zip lock bags and my mom game them away to people who came to the house.
  11. I am a proud volunteer of the U.S.O. and have been since August 2002. If you are not sure who or what the are, check them out here!
  12. I've always wanted to be an athlete
  13. I've NEVER been on an airplane before. I really want to go on one :)

Well, there you have it! :)


Amander said...

I love the list about you! I definitely want to hear more about you - you are right, it's usually all about the other people in your life.

And the story about the chocolate rabbit is amazing.

Sarah said...

So fun to read that list! And what a great dog name...did the name describe a behavior he did often? ;)