Friday, September 24, 2010

I've done it all...

They say, it's true love when you can see your partner at their worst, and still love them. I don't know if Bee was at his worst, but I will say, it was pretty bad. I heard things come from him that almost sounded otherworldly. I kissed his forehead to make him feel better, even though it was dripping with sweat. I cuddled him and let him cuddle me even though he was completely soaked for the last 24 hours and even though I wasn't sure things that went into his belly had the ability to stay there.

I got up with him when he got sick and changed out the bags in the garbage can (not to get gross, but when your belly is already in turmoil, your sense of smell is heightened...and nothing is worse than knowing what's in the garbage can..), I wiped his head, I fluffed his pillow, ran the kids everywhere they had to be, and got him ginger ale and crackers. After all that, I still love him and even though he was green, sweaty, and all scruffy from not shaving for two days, seeing him in his yellow duck boxers made me giggle and even find him cute sprawled out on our bed, passed out.

They say, having a sick kid is bad news and is the worst. I don't really know about that yet. Bee's kids hardly get sick and when they do, they just naturally power through it. In fact, if it weren't for the coughing or the sniffling, you wouldn't even know their sick. Bee told me "Sorry I'm such a baby when I'm sick." Honestly, while it was no peach of a time, he wasn't a baby. He was pretty self sufficient. Other than getting a little bossy ("Baby. Take my crackers and my 'ale into the living room. I'm going in there now." "Baby. Go fix the bed, and when you are done, come get me and bring me Tylenol, then we are going to bed to cuddle") he wasn't a baby at all. I did tell him as he was slipping out of consciousness that when I get this, and I probably will, he better take good care of me. He mumbled something about shipping me off to my mother's.

While he snored away, I lay in bed paranoid that he was touching me, breathing on me, and I was lying in a bed in which he sweat in and was sick in (not "on". In. The good thing about adults being sick, is they usually can manage have more control over where there get sick :) ) and I just knew I would wake up dead the next day from sleeping in his bed o' germs. I started feeling uneasy. Then I started getting paranoid that I was now getting sick. It kept me up for about a half hour, my OCD kicking in, and I almost went and slept on the couch, but then sleep won over.

First thing this morning, I stripped the sheets off the bed. Pillows and Pillow cases, even the ones we don't sleep with on the bed, went straight into the washer. I grabbed the fabreeze with the germ killing stuff (it all has alcohol in it, which kills germs, but Fabreeze isn't stupid. They know how to make a buck), sprayed our bed down, and then got the Lysol and lysol'ed everything. The kids asked me "Did dad get sick in your bed?!" They seemed kind of excited and tried to peek around me to see the potential carnage. I said, "No, but I am disinfecting everything so the rest of us don't get sick" They all said a deflated "oh", lost interest, and went back to watching sponge bob. Ah, kids :)

We spent the rest of the morning sitting on the front porch and enjoying the summer like weather talking and discussing the important things going on right this very moment such as homecoming next weekend, Little Man's ability to keep his behavior cards green all the time and how he's like, the ONLY one who does in his class, and "C"'s most important football game this weekend. If they win, they remain undefeated and secure a spot in the playoffs. The girls then went to their bus stop, and it was just me and Little Man.

This is my favorite time with him, because it's our time together. He has my whole attention, we are both awake enough at this point in the morning to not be crabby, and he usually talks to be non-stop until we get to Latch Key. Then, once we get there, he races to the door to beat me there, and then opens and holds the door for me. Melts my heart every time :)

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Tonight, I plan on cleaning. Deep cleaning. Then passing out somewhere around 9:00pm. Saturday, it's up early because "C" has practice. "J" is going to her mom's for the day, and when "C" gets back from practice, her and Little Man are going with their Grandma and Grandpa to see their mom and Bee and I are going to his game. Then, afterwards, we probably catch dinner somewhere, and head to bed at a decent hour because "C" has a game on Sunday, then we are having a bunch of people back to the house for her little birthday party. Then, at some point, I need to fall in to my bed and not be seen for several days :)

I hope y'all have a great weekend! I will leave you with this...It was the field across the street the other morning..


Julie said...

Great picture. I love mornings!

Amander said...

Sounds kind of miserable - hope you don't get sick!

Sarah said...

Poor Bee! I hope you all stay well!