Monday, September 27, 2010

We partied all night long!...Well, until 7:30 anyway :)

My OCD was causing me to twitch, I had cups all over my house, my porch, and my backyard, there were 20+ children Running (strictly forbidden in our house) through my downstairs, up and down the stairs, in and out the front door (also, not allowed in my house) and pressing their little fingers and faces on my glass. There were plates with half eaten hot dogs, cups of half drank pop, and dirty footprints across my hardwood. Ah, Children's' parties :)

"C" didn't have a party for birthday #9. Last year, Bee and I were having some problems and I was too timid to speak up, and him being a man, just didn't think of such a thing. We "meant" to do something, but next thing you know, he birthday came and went. Grandma Bee did take us all out to The Boneyard for dinner and so that "C" and Little Man could play the Chuck-E-Cheese type games. But other than that, nothing was done. I felt really bad. I understand not having a big to-do over a birthday when you are an adult, but 9 years old certainly still entitles you to a shindig.

So, this year, after we had been living in our house for about two weeks, I told "C" she could do something for her Birthday. I admit, I went out on the proverbial limb because I had not talked to Bee about this yet, but c'mon. She was turning 10! I told her she could pick 2 or 3 friends and Dad and I would take them to laser tag, or paintball, or putt-putt or something to that effect, or she could have something at the house and invite more people. She chose a BBQ at home. Awesome. It's easy, and a heck of a lot cheaper than one of the ideas mentioned above.

As it got closer to the party, "C" had asked if she could invite our friends The Homolyas. They have 5 kids, and they all love to play with "J", "C", and Little Man. She also asked if she could invite a couple of kids from her football team. We agreed. She had asked me about 2 weeks before the party if we should get invitations. By we, I think she meant Me, because last I checked, she doesn't have a job. Although, she always has money...hmm.. anyway, I told her no, because I had talked to left The Homolyas a written invite on facebook (everything is done on the "Facebook" these days...) and as far as the kids from her team she wanted to invite, Bee would tell their Daddy's at practice. That was it besides Grandma Bee and my Mama and Poppy, and sister.

Well, unbeknownst to us, "C" copied our address down from the mailbox and sat in her room one night and made Invitations. MADE Them! I applaud her creativity and using what she had to make the best of a situation, however, she invited 45 kids. FORTY FIVE! Um, that's more than my nerves can handle. It might not have been so bad, but Bee, in all of his grand wisdom, forgot about the party. Just plum forgot. He's telling me Saturday morning that after giving me a check for bills, paying for the first part of his tux rental, and the money he spent that morning on stuff to line the field for the "pick up" game they were having, he had $65.00 in the bank, and $70.00 in his pocket. I then said "Um, I spent the last of my money on food for your children, so I hope you saved some of that money for party stuff because we have nothing here. At which point he went, "Oh my Gosh, I totally forgot about that!".

The party was to be after "C's" game on Sunday. I asked just when we were going to shop for it because, true to Bee fashion, we have to pack 700 things into one weekend. He said we'd go before the game. Well, after returning 15 of the 17 cans of lining paint for the field we didn't use, we didn't have time, so we decided to stop on the way home. "C's" game ran late. Real late and instead of having an hour and a half between the game and her party, we were actually at the store when the party was supposed to start (Thank God, our friends are tardy like us all the time ;) ) It was at the store that "C" let Bee and I in on the secret of the 45 homemade invitations she handed out. I thought Bee was going to explode. However, he snapped a few words at her, but managed to keep his cool in the store. In the end, we spent $27.00 and I prayed it'd be enough. Wouldn't you know it, we have leftovers!

We ended up having about 25 kids show up. Plus Grandma Bee, My Mama, Poppy, Sister, Brother and his girlfriend and kids, and Reggie Spaghetti (Bee's new Co-Owner). Unfortunately, the one thing we forgot was plastic cups. However, I have cheap washable plastic cups I make the kiddos use, and I just had to set those out. Needless to say, I had to run this dishwasher twice just to wash cups. As always, I spent most of my time running around making sure everyone had everything and didn't really get to visit much at all. That, and cleaning. I just can't help myself sometimes :)

"C" got some really nice stuff from her friends, and some money too! Holla! "C"'s got dinner tonight! All in all, we had a great time. It was way past dark time, and I still had kids running around my house. I also think Little Man had more fun and was more excited than anyone. Grandma and Grandpa "S" bought them washable colored sparkly hair spray and silly string, and he was so down to party. Plus, all those kids? My word, it was just the makings of a good time. He played so hard he was literally falling asleep standing up, and "C"? Well, at one point she was talking to my mom and curled up on the hardwood floor next to her and started falling asleep. By 8pm, everyone left and it was quiet again.

My Mama, Poppy, and Sister stayed for a little bit, and then they left. I finished cleaning up (because I wouldn't be able to sleep if I just left it for tonight as Bee suggested) and then Bee and I fell into bed and we were both out after 6.25 seconds. All in all, after being party animals, on a school night, I'm ready for a quiet night in :)

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Sarah said...

What a fun post! How funny that "C" sent out all of those invites unbeknownst to you. Hee-hee! :)