Friday, September 10, 2010

Workin for the Weekend...

It's almost here! C'mon 5 o'clock!

Bee will be heading out shortly. He can hardly contain himself he is so excited. He wanted to pack Wednesday. I asked that he please relax and not get too far ahead of himself :-) In fact, I just got a phone call and in his most serious, yet excitable tone, his first words after I said "hello" were "BABY! WHERE DID YOU PUT MY AMMO?! Oh, wait...I found it, Good bye! Oh! Love you!" Ha ha! While he is off "reconnecting with nature" IE: shooting it, or ramming his 4-wheeler through it, I will be at the high school football game. He's proud of me, I assure you ;) I told him in a city where football is important enough to shut down the town, you would be remiss not to be there. It's an away game, but it's one city over. We're still expected to be there. The local news is going to be. I have my $20.00 bill fresh from the ATM for our tickets and Jen (football mom) will save our seats. She seemed a bit horrified that I was not leaving work early to make it on time....but I pointed out, kick off is at 7:30pm...I'm home by 5:30. However, I am bringing snacks. If it were a home game, I'd spend my money to support their boosters...but I owe nothing to this other team ;)

I had chips for lunch. Seriously. I bought chipotle and added chips and salsa for kicks...decided to just save the burrito bowl for idea why I just shared that...other than I'll more than likely be hungry by game time. It'll be a good thing that I brought snacks. Future me will thank present me for thinking ahead. I will agree I rock, and high five myself.

Tomorrow I plan to sleep like the dead, straighten up, teach the kids how to clean their rooms, one at a time, maybe step out for a few for some "me" time, probably shoo away a couple of boys who, as of yesterday, have taken notice in the two girls that live in my house besides me. I don't really care for these two juggalo's, as I have seen them around the neighborhood. I see the smirks on their faces and rebel attitudes they seem to carry like chips on their shoulders. Last night I told them they had to go home because I was leaving to go to the store and since Bee was at practice with "C", no adults were home. They said, "see ya later, "J"" and then just SAT on my back porch as I got in my car and started it, both kids strapped in....I waited for like 8 minutes...and finally they got up to made me super nervous so, I got out and went and locked all the doors and windows. Over reaction? Hi, I'm Kitty, Nice to see you again.

Saturday night, Bee will come home and hopefully we will head out for some adult socialization at his brother's show/bachelor party. Then, Sunday "C" has a game, and then it's STEELERS TIME! Hopefully it will turn out to be a nice weekend, and no one comes home with a hole in them somewhere. :)

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Sarah said...

LOVE Chipotle! I'd have it everyday if I could! :)
I'd feel the same way about the boys and J hanging out on the porch...can't believe the boys didn't get up and go when you went to your car!