Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Thursday..

So, you know what that means....

That's right! This weeks list is totally random!

Oh, I'm outta control! And Lazy.

Very, Very, lazy... Ok, on with it...

  1. I am bored with my blog. Not writing in it, just bored with the way it looks, and my writing in general. I think I need to start setting aside time to really work on posts instead of "Today-is-Tuesday. We-Went-to-the-store. It-was-fun. Then-we-went-home. The-end" I read some blogs, and they are so put together. They actually make me laugh out loud! Then, I come back here and read my stuff and I want to hide because I feel the lame-ness from it oozing all over me.
  2. Next weekend, Bee's brother is getting married. I asked Little Man if he was going to dance with me. He smiled and said "No. Probably not." I asked him if he was going to dance with "Miss A" (The Bride) He smiled and said "No. Probably not." I asked if he would dance with Uncle M (The Groom) or Grandma Bee. He smiled again and said "No. Probably not." I said, "Well, I think you should. I think you should strap on your dancin' shoes and boogie all night long." He looked at me with a really serious look and said, "I don't have "dancing" shoes!"
  3. I have no idea how I am going to decorate my house for fall. However, my house was made for decorating and the pressure it's putting on me is astronomical. (I have issues. I know. )
  4. "C"'s football team is 4-0. Undefeated. All of the rest of their regular season games are against teams that, as the coaches say, "we aren't too worried about". Which makes me nervous. I sit through every game on the edge of my seat because we CAN NOT lose our undefeated status, and we CAN NOT lose it to a totally "beat-able" team, because then what would people say? (Yes. Issues.)
  5. Even though I feel that way, win or lose, I always tell "C" what a great job she did..and I am not one of those parents who starts fights in the stands.
  6. I am already planning Thanksgiving dinner in my head. It will be a glorious day of football and food.
  7. I plan on buying myself a membership to the community fitness center. My Pregnant friend Amy, and I plan on "working out" every day. I say "working out" because there is only so much she can do, and I really have the attention span of a knat, so...we'll see.
  8. Along with this "exercise" program, I would like to start making healthier food. It's kinda hard though because Bee and I do not go to the store weekly, or bi-weekly. We go on a need basis. It's also rarely planned, and we are hardly ever together. It's more like, I come home from work and there's three bags from Giant Eagle or Walmart and he says "Oh, I stopped and got milk, eggs, bread, and a few other things. It's like, thanks for letting me know you were going...I have a list!
  9. I need some good recipes for fall and winter. Coming up with something for dinner that is not going to take me six years to make, AND that everyone will eat, is hard.
  10. BFF Rose. I miss her.
  11. I need a vacation. I am really hoping Grandma Bee can watch the kiddos when Bee has his game in West V. We can turn it into a weekend get-away!
  12. My Photography class is coming up. I'm very excited! I need to get out and take pictures of the leaves and soon! They are so pretty by my house
  13. Halloween. I am STOKED! I am totally going to hand out my own house....first time EVER!

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