Thursday, September 30, 2010

There's a new Sheriff in town...

Oh there is so totally not!

I just Changed things up a bit, moved some things around, put out my fall blog stuff. I need to do that at home! Tomorrow is October 1st and I have NOT one fall-like thing out. My Un-decorated house mocks me!

I also changed my web address thing. And my profile picture. And my profile name.

When I started this blog back in March, I was afraid if I used real pictures, my real name, or what have you, everyone I know in my daily life would find out about this place, invade it, and make it so I didn't want to post how I really felt, which is why I started this little slice of "me" in the first place. I was also afraid of Bee not wanting me to "air" our life. I have found out, that no one in my "real life" cares. At all. Not one bit. I mention "yeah, I blogged about that today..." and NOTHING. Not an "Oh!" or "can I read your blog?!" in the bunch. Whatever.

I was also afraid of my band of stalkers. Yes. I have a few. There is the ex-wife's mother. She has been known to hunt me down on the interwebs and print pages and pictures off my facebook and Myspace (ha! Who has one of those anymore?!)  and send them to her daughter in prison. Now a-days I go with Bee to drop the kids off. She can just take one then. Here, I'll pose with your kids. Smile! Ennnd Scene!

Then, there is Bee's Ex girlfriend (after the ex wife, but riiiight before me.) And his "best friend". Well, he called her that when we first got together. Not so much anymore. Anyway, they both hate each other, but bond over the fact that they both hate me more. They like to take things I say, pictures I post, and openly mock them on Bee's facebook. Yeah, they're real gems. They're also like 40. I find it odd that I am the youngest out of his ex's, in laws, and "friends", yet I'm the mature one...

Moving on....So, I have had the blog for over 6 months. I have brought it up in conversation, left it up on my computer screen and walked away, and so far the world has not imploded. I have also posted pictures of the kids, Bee, and myself and nothing has happened. Bee knows of my blog and all of it's bloggy-ness, and really doesn't care. I guess he figures if I have it, it's less stuff he has to hear me run my yap about ;) He can barely muster the gumption to make it look like he is really interested when I speak about my hair, shoes, and decorating ideas, I really think he doesn't want to read about them in my rambling blog.

Either way...

Thus, changes have been made....

Also, when I started, I kinda winged it. Over time, I kinda took on the moniker of "Monkee" (Bee 's pet name for me) and I call him "Bee"(my pet name for him), so "Monkee and the Bee" was born. It made no sense to keep it kitty-kitty-boom-boom anymore. Besides, that's really annoying to type..and It makes me kinda feel like an old stripper with really bad red lipstick ;)

I still plan on using initials for names of the kids. Mainly because they're, well, kids, and I don't feel comfortable putting their names out on the wild world of the Internet. As for Bee, well, his real name is Mike but, Monkee and the Mike? Just doesn't have the same ring to it ;)

I hope you like the new look. I will try to be slightly more interesting. I can't promise more than that ;)


Amander said...

I'm glad you commented and let me know! I had tried to look at your blog today and I couldn't find it - I was sad.

And seriously, Bee's exes sound ridiculous. Making fun of you on FB? It's just so junior high!

Sarah said...

Love the new look! I agree with Amander about the exes. They can't possibly be 40.